March Newsletter

We’ve arrived in the month of spring, which means we’re in transition to Kapha season. This Blog will have lots of tips for spring (and the time change) through the month to help to keep you on target with staying well and balanced. And of course, you’ll find the Monday Mantra quotes to start your week off.

You’ll find a new class beginning this month: Living Well: Practicing the Wisdom of Ayurveda. We’ll begin with “getting started” in building your own personal practice and move through the year and the seasons focusing on a new topic each month. You might consider this Applied Ayurveda, putting the wisdom to work in your life. We’ll enjoy lecture, discussion, and practices to really understand and apply each topic to our own unique lives. There will be a supportive Ayurveda book to read. RSVP for one or all of the classes in this year’s series. Please let me know if you intend to join in person or via Zoom (we’re going hybrid for this one).

We will be continuing our Studies in Ayurveda. Each month there will be a new lecture on a topic in disEase management. These classes expand on what you know of Ayurveda to then apply into your own life. Much of this information is hard to find in books or outside of advanced trainings. Consider joining the above Living Well classes if you are unsure of where/how to begin for applying into your life. We just finished Hormones (the recording is available if you missed out) and will be moving on to Skin Health, Heart Health, Women’s Health, andthe Nervous System. In the Fall, we will transition our focus to the Mind and Practical Ayurvedic Psychology.

Of course, BeeWell Gatherings continue each month. We discuss…whatever arrives and is on the minds of the group. This is an informal gathering of Good Company.

In the Yoga Department, you’ll find Yoga with Charlotte on Mondays at 9:30 live via Zoom. The recording arrives later in the day to be done in your own time and place. You can watch the video over and over if you like during the week to build a consistent weekly practice. Sometimes, you’ll find a short pop-up daily practice included in the recording email.

Live Yoga on Wednesdays at 6pm at the Community Church in North Orange. Feel free to drop in. There is plenty of space.

All of my yoga classes are beginner friendly with modifications and options to deepen the practice to any level.

Pranayama: Spring Cleaning Breathing Practices arrive April 29th. You’ll learn about Yoga Breathing and how to build a safe practice unique to your needs. In the Fall, we explore the complementary nourishing breathing practices.

If you are loving the Yamas and the Niyamas in our yoga practices or in your own explorations, or you just want to continue your yoga studies, Janet and I are offering a series on the Yamas and the Niyamas beginning on March 29th (via Zoom). We’ll take the practices off the mat and into the Yoga of Life! Please RSVP soon, space is limited for intimate discussion. YEs for Yoga Teachers is available.

Yoga Teacher Training. Our next class begins in September and for the first time, we are offering the entire program on-line. We’ve had so much interest and enthusiasm from people unable to come in person that we tweaked our program to make it the same beautiful program, but available wherever you are!!! Next March, you will see us back in person (please add yourself to the “interested” list for remote or in-person YTT)

Also enjoy yoga classes with graduates of our Yoga Training in the Trillium Studio. There are classes throughout the week and month with Marie (Cozy Yoga), Jessie (Gentle Flow), Ava (Sweet and Gentle Practice). and Becca (Seasonal Yoga). You will find them listed under “classes” in the link below. Please RSVP; no drop in as space is limited for parking at the studio.

I am offering Consultations and Ayurvedic Body Treatments in the practice. Please reach out if you cannot find a time that suits and I will see what I can do. March is almost completely full…so plan ahead.

Visit the Blog and the Website, there are lots of fun things posting. Happy Spring. It’s March. It’s coming.

Love & BeeWell, Charlotte

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