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Trillium Ayurveda offers individualized consultations to discover your unique needs so that we can create a set of simple diet and lifestyle tools to bring you back into health and balance.  I focus primarily on diet and lifestyle, with supportive body treatments, and guidance for making wise herbal choices.

The initial session will set up your foundation for good health.  Follow up visits will tweak your plan as the balance begins to shift or to support deeper imbalances.

I offer a few formats to fit your needs and budget.

A quick consult to dive into personal aspects of something explored in a class, to dive deeper into something you’ve read about , or to seek advice and/or symptom management in order to decide how to move forward in the midst of imbalance.
–30 minutes: $50
–$15 for each additional 15 minutes

Begin exploring Ayurvedic principles and learn how they relate to you. Find out your current state of imbalance and being to make simple changes to diet and lifestyle to ease your way back into balance and health.
–90 minutes: $75
(includes one e-mail follow up)

Build on the protocol set up in your initial consultation. Here, we will make tweaks to your current plan: adding in new layers of support and and elimination what is not serving. (Follow ups are good up to one year following a previous Initial Consultation or prior follow up)
–45 minutes: $55
(includes one follow up e-mail)
–$10 for each additional 15 minutes

BEEWELL PACKAGE (Four Months of Wellness):
Four consecutive months of Consults and support to guide you onto a path toward good health. This can be used any time of the year or to support you through a seasonal shift that is particularly challenging for you. This is the consult you need if you are looking for deep support for lasting change. This commitment gives us a chance to really explore the root causes of your imbalances, address weak digestive fire (agni), eliminate build up of gunk (ama) in the tissues (dhatus) and channels (srotamsi), manage specific imbalance, and set up a plan for rejuvenation and maintenance.
$300 for the following:
–90 minute initial consult
–3 follow up visits
–support e-mails to keep you on target and to make minor between session shifts
–One Body Treatment (excluding Shirodhara) or a fourth follow up visit

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