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I offer very few appointments so that I am better able to focus on teaching and trainings. I have found that taking a class, especially ongoing classes, in Ayurveda is the best way to really incorporate the healing changes of Ayurveda into your life. If you need an individual appointment, please reach out and I will see what I can do.

Trillium Ayurveda offers individualized consultations to discover your unique needs so that we can create a set of simple diet and lifestyle tools to bring you back into health and balance.  We focus primarily on diet and lifestyle, suggest supportive body treatments, and offer guidance for making wise herbal choices.

The initial session will set up your foundation for good health. Follow up visits build upon that solid foundation. As things come back into balance, and shift with time and changes, we will tweak your plan to support what’s going well and begin to reset deeper imbalances to bring you back to your perfect balance of wellness. Mini Consults (via Zoom) are available to dive into very specific issues or to discuss something learned in a chat or BeeWell Gathering.

Ayurvedic Psychology Sessions are a great way to really learn about the parts of your mind and put it to practical use to be the best version of yourself in your relationships to yourself and others.


MINI ZOOM or PHONE CONSULT (with Charlotte):
These appointments are designed to be short, sweet, and targeted to your current needs (vikriti), as opposed to a full Ayurvedic Consultation. They are limited to 30 minutes to keep us focused on the current issues for you. These may also be used to ask personalized questions from a class.
–30 minutes (via Zoom): $60

INITIAL CONSULT (in person or Zoom with Charlotte):
Begin exploring Ayurvedic principles and learn how they relate to you. Find out your current state of imbalance and begin to make simple changes to diet and lifestyle to ease your way back into balance and health. Follow up visits build on the protocol set up in your initial consultation. We will make tweaks to your current plan: adding in new layers of support and and eliminating what is not serving.
–Initial 90 minute consultation: $100

Bring the Ayurvedic Psychology parts of the mind into your own story. Together we’ll learn about the parts of your mind and how they are working. You’ll learn how to put it to practical life use to work on becoming the best version of yourself in your relationships to yourself and others. When you pay for your first appointment, you will receive an invite to watch the recording of Ayurvedic Psychology: Ayurveda & the Mind class. This is NOT a psychology assessment or therapy session; this is a private lesson using your own story to discover how the Ayurvedic parts of the mind work in you; but you may find that these sessions really support overall mental health.
–50 minutes (via Zoom): $100


Private yoga is great if you’re recovering from injury or illness, not quite sure about joining a public class, want to tweak your own practice, want some privacy, or want to set your own time with a group of friends with more input as to what you want in your practice.  Private yoga takes place in the studio at the Trillium Yoga Studio.  (1 – 4 people max). 
–60 minutes: Please request Availability and Pricing

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