Tools for Spring

It might feel like it’s a little bit early. It’s not. Especially for our more Kapha predominant body types…those of us who hold on to stuff and gunk. Those who have a tendency toward extra congestion, stagnation, and mucus build up. Lungs that are prone to respiratory infections. Noses that are prone to being clogged and stuffy. A weakness toward spring colds and allergies.

Here are a few of the key tools to begin to think about for Spring (formal Spring Tips will arrive on March 21st):

Dry Brush (or silk gloves). A good dry brushing (using strokes that start from the extremities and work toward the heart) helps to move excess stagnation in the body. The accumulation we’ve built up over the winter that likes to hang around. Dry brushing warms up the body in a season that is mostly cold and cool. Getting rasa/lymph moving will help support and balance Kapha. Getting rakta/blood moving will help to support Pitta. Pitta (Summer) is the next season and the one we’re watching while we’re working on Kapha (Spring). This can be real nice for supporting hormones (fire and mud) for those who joined the hormone class-there’s a recording if you are intrigued.

Neti Pot. This is a key spring tool for keeping the nose (and mind) cleansed and cleared of gunk and cloggy-ness. If you’re high Kapha (or prone to spring colds and allergies), you may need to use your Neti Pot daily. If you are more Vata (Autumn/Winter) and more dry and airy than damp and heavy, then you might only be using a Neti Pot a few times a week and only in the Spring.

There are plenty of videos for using your Neti Pot, so I won’t go into the details. A few tips: follow with a bit of sesame oil to keep the channels lubricated and flowing well. A Nasya oil may be in order for extra Spring support. Tip two: A Neti Pot is NOT a nasal spray. A nasal spray can push gunk back into the nasal channel. A Neti Pot flushes the nasal channels. Learn to use a Neti Pot, especially if you are prone to Spring “Issues”. A Neti Pot can also be really helpful for clearing a heavy, clogged, and foggy mind.

You may enjoy a facial/nasal steam of eucalyptus to clear and awaken the channels and mind and heart and lungs! This is a great treat for spring stagnation. It’s sweet to follow this with lemon. This is a place that essential oils are really nice (in moderation). Remember: more is not better.

Move. Spring is the time to get moving and get sweaty. Again, our goal is to get rid of the excess accumulation of gunk is key to spring. Kapha is going to be counter to this. We’re going to WANT to sit and putter and sleep. Don’t. Get up. Get moving. Spring into Spring!!

Practice ten rounds of Breath of Joy each morning. Ideally, practice these outside to get some good, fresh air after a long winter of excess indoor time. Perhaps as the sun rises. Warm and Move the body! Get rid of the accumulated stickiness.

Sun Salutations. Warm. Moving. Uniting with the Sunlight that feeds our internal Tejas (inner radiance). Need I say more?

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