Yoga & Ayurveda Trainings

We are currently accepting applications for our 2022 and 2023 programs.

Learn Yoga in a small, intimate setting.

Your teachers include Charlotte of Trillium Ayurveda and Janet Bettey of Bit of Bliss Yoga of Cape Cod.

Location: Trillium Ayurveda in North Orange, MA.
There are a few local Air B&B accommodations, even a few on nearby lakes.  B&B’s nearby include: Rose Cottage B&B (about a ten minute drive) and Clamber Hill (about a 30 minute drive). We also may be able to connect you with local students who might have extra room for you to stay–let us know if you would like to host or be hosted and we will do our best to connect you before the training begins.

CURRENT FAVORITE TESTIMONIAL: “This program embodied the essence of yoga and Ayurveda: balance, integrity, self-reflection, compassion, and healing. Learning was a pleasure. There was no pressure, no competition, and never so much as a whiff of impatience or self importance from our teachers. They modeled humility and gratitude for the teachers who came before them. They impressed on us the gift of lineage and the responsibility to pass it forward as we begin our own teaching journeys.” –H.B.

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