Ayurveda Intensive: Bones and Joints


This is the first in our series of Ayurveda and Yoga Intensives for At Home Self Care (once a month: January – June). This is lecture Class that takes place via Zoom (no mat required). This is your opportunity to bring concrete healing and wellness tools into your daily life. We’ll talk about the structure and function of bones and joints, then use that information to understand and inform how we might care for our own bones and joints.

Each of us is unique and different, with different and unique needs: there is no one size fits all in healing. Ayurveda understands this deeply, so this class is for the competing athlete seeking to care for and optimize “use” of the human body, as well as those healing from injuries or caring for deterioration…and everything in between.

Open to all students of life; we highly recommend that you have take the foundational classes in Ayurveda (they are recorded if you need to review) or have a basic understanding of Ayurveda. We will reference those basics, but will not pause to re-cover the basic material.

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2 thoughts on “Ayurveda Intensive: Bones and Joints

  1. Hi Charlotte,

    I missed this Ayurveda class offering on Bones and Joints. I couldn’t find recording listed on the website for purchase. Is there a link that you can share? I don’t know if you have my card on file to charge me, so let me know how to compensate you for your expertise. I had just finished the GI class around this time – a lot of helpful information to digest – thank you! I’m sure a busy time for you, so this can also wait until you get back from vacation. Looking forward to hearing your end decision on where you were going for vacation. Have a great adventure!

    Namaste, Robyn

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