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Spring Walk, Restore, and Rest mini retreat. We’ll connect with nature on a Mindful Walk, come in to the studio for a practice leading to Restorative Yoga (this is the one that really settles and resets the nervous system, which is oh so needed right now), and some time for reflection and integration. Don’t miss out; RSVP using the link above. Space is limited.

First Friday BeeWell Gatherings are open to everyone. They are guided by myself, but are led by the needs of the group and ebb and flow depending on what’s happening in our collective lives. They may revolve around questions, Ayurveda, yoga, self care, or just be deep discussion and being together. Good Company is vital for Being Well!!!

Stay at Home Yoga (via Zoom and Recording Link). You may join us each Monday morning at 9:30am OR schedule yoga at your own time and in your own space. The recording is available any time during the week to watch. Scheduled YOUR Yoga Time and click “play”. Feel free to join live and/or practice again and again throughout the week! New for 2022: Book ten Stay At Home Yoga Classes at a time and you’ll be added to an eleventh class free (I will add the eleventh to your booking when I am notified that you’ve booked for ten).

Yoga is absolutely vital for a balanced body and mind and heart/soul these days!!

New Teacher Yoga Training begins in April. Don’t miss out, this is a great time for personal growth and building deep, long term resilience!! Early bird rate is good until February 1st. We also have a generous payment plan, if paying in full is not feasible. Advanced Yoga Teacher Training begins in September with our Pranayama and Meditation Module.

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