Slotha Yoga

One size doesn’t fit all. Some of us need to get out of bed and get moving before the bed sheets draw us back into the cozy Kapha never-wake land. Others, need a little more time in bed and so…

Slotha Yoga.

To practice Slotha Yoga:

When you wake up…STAY in bed. Feel the coziness of your sheets against your skin. Maybe the warmth of a pet still curled up beside you. Reflect on the night dreams you had. Listen to the birds outside. Check the weather with your senses from the bed. Set an intention for your day. Plan to offer back. Be grateful. Take your time. Wake and move leisurely.

Then…get up.

Disclaimer: One size doesn’t fit all: Obviously, this will work less well if you linger and sloth around in bed and when you get up you’re rushing around like a crazy person to catch up. Obviously, this won’t work if you are a high Kapha person and you end up staying in bed for the rest of your life. Know your tendencies and needs and…be honest with yourself.

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