July Schedule

This July and August, I will not be offering consultations or body treatments. Don’t worry, you can still send me a message and I can guide you in the right direction. Carolyn will be offering some of the Essential Ayurvedic Body Treatments in the fall…keep your eyes peeled for extra hands (literally) to come on board. Don’t worry, yoga classes are still happening and the schedule is beginning to settle into Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday each week.

Tuesday and Wednesday classes are drop in classes at their respective locations. Please reach out, if you aren’t sure where to go. There are also student led classes each Monday at 6pm (RSVP required).

At Home Zoom Yoga must be RSVP’d for RSVP HERE. It comes with a “live” time (Monday at 9:30am) and a recording to watch in your own time, in your own space. Please reach out for more information.

This mini-break from treatments and consultations will hopefully make a little bit more space for some useful, informative blog posts. Some planning for some new fall classes and continuing education. Maybe some Pop Up Yoga and special classes. Or…Maybe I’ll sit by the lake more, hike more, and practice stillness, movement, and nourishment. Likely…a little of everything.

We are currently accepting applications for 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training, which begins in January of 2022. Please don’t hesitate to reach out for more information on the Yoga School. We have both 200 and 300 hour trainings and will be offering Ayurveda Counselor training in the near future.

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