Pranayama: Healing Yogic Breathwork

Breathwork practices for spring and summer begins tomorrow night and runs every Thursday evening for the rest of April (6 – 8pm).

New to breath work practices?  You are welcome to join me for the first evening to learn about what Pranayama is, why you should practice Pranayama, and learn the foundational practices.

We always think of breath-work for stress reduction and nurturing a calm mind, and that’s true, but there’s so much more.  As I mentioned earlier this week, an active lifestyle is supported by healthy, well functioning lungs.  Spring practices are uplifting and strengthening; they’re fantastic for supporting hiking, running, walking, and sports.

Breath-work supports the whole body from respiration, to circulation, to hormonal health, and mental health.  In addition, I will also cover a few simple meditation practices before we conclude.


$65 for the series; $25 for individual classes – takes place at Trillium Ayurveda
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