Why Home (Zoom) Yoga?

I probably never, ever would have moved in this direction had Covid not disrupted everything! I know many of you are wondering: why would we start to do Zoom Yoga? Especially now that classes are opening up in the community and in studios.

Well, here’s the big thing and some thoughts about what I’ve learned:

First, it’s nice to have a class that you can do in the privacy of your own home (even if you join live, you are welcome to turn off your camera) at a time that’s convenient for you. Yep, you can do the class any time, the recording comes to your inbox on Monday (late morning/early afternoon) to be used for the rest of the week. The recordings stay posted, so you can always do them after the week is up, especially the ones you love, but committing to a consistent weekly (or more) yoga practice is key to sustained results.

Our pets LOVE Home Yoga!!
  1. There’s no one beside you that you’re tempted to compete with.
  2. You can stay in your PJs.
  3. You can take up as much space as you want.
  4. You can create your own beautiful yoga space, whether it stays there all the time or is created each time you get ready to practice. You own safe, sacred space.
  5. You can modify your practice without feeling like you’re being watched, judged, or that you’re somehow being disruptive.
  6. You can choose your own music or enjoy the quiet or enjoy the music that comes when you open a window.
  7. Your pets, and maybe your scared-of-yoga-partners, can join you.
  8. You can do yoga outside, which can be amazing.
  9. You can bring a mug of tea, or coffee, and no one’s there to judge you. (except maybe yourself)
  10. There’s a different “edge” when you’re at home to explore and discover about yourself and your body, mind, and breath.
  11. So many lessons to be learned, like how to do You in a setting that bridges that place of “on” and “off” the mat.
  12. Part of yoga is learning to commit and stay put to practice, this can be extra challenging when you’re in your own home. There are so many distractions. This could be a con, but I think it’s a pro! It’s really easy to walk out on a recording or not do the practice at all. No one knows, but you. But, part of the practice is laying out the mat, staying put, and committing. Hint: how you behave on the mat, is often a reflection of habits we have off the mat (avoidance, anyone?). It really does deepen your practice.

I’ve, as a teacher, come to love knowing that you’re surrounded by all sorts of cool props. That may mean that you have a cozy bolster (and you don’t have to lug to a class) or you have a pile of pillows and blankets that can easily substitute. If you don’t have blocks, there’s usually something handy to use instead. Furniture makes a great prop/support. Remember: props are our friends. It’s nice to have a bolster, a pair of blocks, a pair of blankets, and a strap (maybe even a pair of tennis balls), especially as we head into fall and need more warmth and Vata support (no worries, that’s a chat for another day).

I’ve found that I am offering much more supportive options to the Home Yoga, knowing that you are surrounded by all these potential Prop Friends. Supportive Yoga challenges and strengthens us in different way than only a muscle/physical stretch focused yoga. It touches more deeply on the nervous system and helps to calm our mind and soothe the unhealthy stresses accumulating in our system. Supportive Yoga reminds us how to rebuild a habit of rest in our very busy lives.

This Monday’s Home “Zoom” Yoga is a Seva class, which means you can try it out for free, just reach out and I’ll add you to the student list. You’ll get an invite to Zoom for 9:30am Monday morning and you’ll get a second email when the recording is ready! A win-win.

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2 thoughts on “Why Home (Zoom) Yoga?

  1. Hi Charlotte:

    I do believe I will try the Zoom Yoga, when you put it that way-although my home is not big enough to do yoga in! You also have a picture of a Shiba in this email-which is what I have, so it caught my eye.

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    1. I’ll add you to the class list for tomorrow! There’s always room for yoga!!!

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