Week’s Schedule

Because June seems to be a month of conflicts and changes, I thought a weekly post would be helpful. Here is the schedule for this coming week (June 14-20): (things are fairly “normal” this week)

Monday Zoom Yoga at 9:30-10:30am (live) and the recording to watch at your own convenience. RSVP under “workshop“. Zoom recorded classes are a great way to sneak yoga into your week when the timing works best for your life. This Monday’s class will be gentle and stretchy, a great class for if you’re feeling a bit out of practice or just need a good getting back into my body (and out of my head) kind of experience.

There is NO Monday 6pm Student Taught Yoga this week.

Royalston Yoga 6pm at the Town Hall with Charlotte. NO RSVP required.

Wednesday 6pm Yoga with Charlotte in the Trillium Studio. RSVP required.

This weekend is a Yoga Teacher Training weekend for our 300 hour students only in the Trillium Studio. Please reach out if you’ve been considering Yoga Teacher Training and/or peruse the website.

Looking Ahead: Fire Pit Yoga (June’s Turtle Yoga) takes place on Friday June 25th at 6pm. Please RSVP ASAP (this class takes place outside and will cancel or move inside if weather is yucky)

Please remember that these things are prohibited from the Trillium Studio: Food & Drinks (you may bring plain water, if you require it), Cell phones must be OFF or in AIRPLANE MODE (in addition to the potential disruptions, the energetics of cell phones impact the subtle energetics of quiet space), and shoes are not allowed.

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