Banyan Just Came In:


The oil sample collection just got bigger and now includes Daily Massage Oil which is used for balancing all three doshas.  If you’re not sure about an oil, but are curious, a sample size is the way to go.

Also new to the samples, and in stock, is Brahmi in a base of coconut oil.  Brahmi coconut oil is cooling to stabilize a fiery mind that can’t slow down and is filled with anxiety or headache prone.  Oil your feet, temples, the crown of your head, or anywhere else to cool the mind for a good night’s sleep.  Brahmi is great for mental clarity (think: test and study time) and to soothe anxiety and the monkey  mind.  This is a great option for kids with anxiety, ADD, ADHD, and the like as it’s used externally and yet has great calming benefits.  It also comes in a sesame oil base for those who have a cooler temperament (or for winter).

Chywanprash is highlighted this post as it’s a super immune boost for the middle of winter.  It’s a food product, as opposed to an herbal supplement, so grab a spoon and dig in.  In addition to be a great immune support, it’s a great energy boost for the afternoon physical or mental lull (again, think: test time).  Grab that spoon…

Sample oils: $3
Brahmi Coconut Oil: $12 (4 ounce bottle) or $28 (14.5 ounce tub)
Brahmi Sesame Oil: $12 (4 ounce bottle)
Chywanprash: $20 (9.4 ounces)


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2 thoughts on “Banyan Just Came In:

  1. Charlotte,
    Can I get a sample bottle of Brahmi. I am thinking it might help my girlfriend daughter with her anxiety. Do you have any paperwork that could go with it? I will get it tonight, Monday yoga.

    Thanks, Katie


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