New Teachers: Yoga Teacher Training

200 hours in Foundations & Traditions:

Living the Wisdom Yoga Training for new teachers starts in March. Please fill out the form below to be begin the process to reserve your spot. Space is limited to 6-12 students. Already have your 200 hour training? Visit our Yoga & Ayurveda Studies page for continuing education options.

Living the Wisdom Yoga Training:
–Take your personal practice to the next level and live the wisdom.
–Become a 200 hour certified yoga teacher (we are a 200 hour registered yoga school through Yoga Alliance).

Your teachers include Charlotte of Trillium Ayurveda and Janet Bettey of Bit of Bliss Yoga of Cape Cod and Jennifer Peck of JenZenLiving.

Weekends: Saturday 8-5, Sunday 8-4 (with Monthly Zoom Calls between sessions to connect, check in, and stay on target with your practices)

This training progresses through three stages:
(First 3 months): These weekends will begin to expose you to the basic principles of yoga and Ayurveda, including movement, paths of yoga, limbs of yoga, philosophy, and texts of yoga. You will establish your own personal practices of asana, pranayama, mediation, and living the wisdom. This is the beginning of deepening your relationship to yoga on and off the mat.

(Second 3 months): These three weekends build on the first three, deepening your relationship to yoga and Ayurveda.  You will explore how the body functions on both a subtle and gross level and begin to dig deeper into the layers of your own being with a focus on exploring your personal Dharma through yoga.  These weekends take your personal practice to the next level.

(Final 2 months): These weekends take all you have learned, experienced, and explored in the first parts and teaches you to apply those principles to becoming “you” as a yoga teacher.  We’ll dig even deeper into the body, communication, and ethics.  We’ll explore what kind of yoga teacher you want to be and dive into the hows, whats, and whys of teaching.  You’ll come out of this program with a deep personal practice and the confidence to share your wisdom with others.

2023 Dates: Dates take place one weekend a month in March-June, with Summer for Study and Practice, finishing one weekend a month in September-December. Zoom calls between weekends are required. March 11-12, April 1-2, May 13-14, June 10-11, September 9-10, October 14-15, November 4-5, December 2-3.

Investment: Early Bird Investment of $2400 if paid in full by January 1st.
Program Investment: $2600 (deposit of $500 due to hold your spot, must be paid in full by March 1st, unless other arrangements have been made).
–Program must be paid in full by the 1st day of the month the training begins, unless other arrangements have been made (required books and manual are included).
–This will be an intimate program to give you individualized attention; space is limited to 6-12 students. <6:1 student:teacher ratio.
–$500 deposit is due with application to hold your spot. Please understand that your spot is not held until we approve your phone interview and receive your deposit.

–Our program is intimate and space is limited.  We rely on you to honor your commitment to the program once you have placed your deposit.  We reserve the right to keep your deposit in full should you choose not to take the program at any time before or after it begins.  A full refund policy is included with your deposit receipt.

Please ask us about a payment plan for the program.  Charlotte’s secret for dreaming (and traveling): The Funds.  Put aside a little bit of money each week for what you really want.  Put it into the budget as if it is a monthly or weekly bill.  Skip  that splurge on a cup of coffee from the coffee shop.  Skip that easy grab a meal on the go.  Save the change that accumulates in the bottom of your purse or pocket.  Put that money aside.  A little bit of money adds up faster than you think, if you don’t tap into it for other things.  It’s an investment in living!!!

A limited number of small scholarships may be available. Please contact us if you would like more information and to apply.

Expectations: You are expected to attend all weekends, all Zoom Calls, watch all required videos, complete all practicums, exams & projects, turn in all required homework, and be paid in full before you will be certified to be a 200 hour yoga teacher.

Location: Trillium Ayurveda in North Orange, MA.
There are a few local Air B&B accommodations, even a few on nearby lakes.  B&B’s nearby include: Rose Cottage B&B (about a ten minute drive) and Clamber Hill (about a 30 minute drive). We also may be able to connect you with local students who might have extra room for you to stay–let us know if you would like to host or be hosted and we will do our best to connect you before the first module.

To Apply:
Please begin by filling out the following information.  We will contact you via e-mail to ask any additional questions and to set up a phone interview.  Your deposit of $500 is due after your phone interview to hold your spot.  Please understand that your spot is not held until we receive your deposit.

WE LOVE WORD OF MOUTH: If you’re a graduate of one of our programs or familiar with our programs, you can help up by spreading the word. We love word of mouth. If you know of someone you think would benefit from taking one of our trainings, please send them our way. Be sure to tell them to let us know that you referred them (please ask them to include your mailing address or you can submit their name and your address to us yourself). When they complete a program, they get the gift of wisdom, and you too will receive a thank you gift.


“Thank you for such a magical journey.” –J.T.

“This program embodied the essence of yoga and Ayurveda: balance, integrity, self-reflection, compassion, and healing. Learning was a pleasure. There was no pressure, no competition, and never so much as a whiff of impatience or self importance from our teachers. They modeled humility and gratitude for the teachers who came before them. They impressed on us the gift of lineage and the responsibility to pass it forward as we begin our own teaching journeys.” –H.B.

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