Yoga Teacher Mentorship

What’s happening? What’s going well? Am I doing this right? Could I be doing more? When was the last time I saw my Sangha????? I’m so lonely!!!

We’ve got the answer…Yoga Teacher Mentorship!

These mentorship classes are designed to create continued Sangha and support teachers on their Journey after yoga teacher training. It can get lonely and overwhelming. The best remedy for that is Good Company.

We’ll gather together on Zoom every other month (so everyone can join us, near and far). We’ll practice and bring together our questions and experiences to discuss and learn from one another. We gather together to keep good company and share wisdom.

In 2021, we’ll gather on Zoom on January 24, March 28, May 30, July 11, September 26, and November 28 from noon to 1:30. REGISTER HERE

Practice: We’ll open with a short practice. You’ll have the opportunity to volunteer for a time slot to open and center (10 minutes), guide a short practice (20 minutes), or close practice (10 minutes).

Question and Answer: Send us your questions, concerns, or struggles before the weekend. We will answer questions submitted and if there’s time take live questions.

Support Each Other: There will be time to share your successes and struggles with your fellow teachers!

We’re so excited to be able to offer this program. It’s been asked for and now it’s here.

$20 each session or $100 for the year (six sessions). Graduates of Trillium Ayurveda and Yoga with a Bit of Bliss pay just $90 for the year (six sessions; please reach out to us to register with the discount–once we receive payment, we’ll register you for the classes).

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