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NEXT SEASONAL SELF CARE BOX for Pitta/Summer.  Order by June 1st.

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Banyan Botanical Oils & Self Care Products:

5% of purchase goes toward YTT Scholarship Fund

Please feel free to use the link above to explore and purchase.

I carry many of Banyan Botanical Products, including:
Oils (Best Sellers: mahanarayan, neem, daily massage oil, brahmi, Ashwagandha-Bala, & sleep easy), Supplements (Best Sellers: women’s support, Vata digest, & triphala), Daily self care needs (Best Sellers: nasya oil, daily swish, & bronchial support). Cleansing/Foods (Split Mung Dahl, Basmati Rice, Kitchari Spices, and Ghee).

  • Teas, & Spices (blended here):
  • Chai Spice Blend (ground and blended to order) $18 (4 ounce jar) $4/ounce
  • Sweet Evening Golden Milk (I also have New England Style and blends individualized for doshic imbalance) $18 (4 ounce jar) $4/ounce
  • House Made Skin & Joint Care (4 ounce jars):
  • Joint and Muscle Salve $12
  • Neem Oil Salve $12
  • Lavender Ginger Scrub $12
  • Give Me Strength Scrub $12

Other Medicinal Herbal Oils & Self Care:
–Liniment (acute pain management) $14 (30ml)
–Muriveena Oil (support for deep damage to the tendons and ligaments) $10 (1 ounce dropper)
–Pinda Oil (super oil for stuck blood in the extremities: Rakta-Vata) $18 (4 ounces)
–Ksheera Bala Oil (super nourishment for Vata-Pitta) $18 (4 ounces)
–Dhanvantaram Oil (super nourishment for Vata) $18 (4 ounces)
–Drying Powder (to pull excess Kapha) $3 (1 ounce bag)

We also have Trillium Ayurveda clothing for yoga or just being cozy!!


All clothing is designed and printed by Amber at Orange Graphix, so you get a double whammy of supporting local with these shirts.
–Trillium Ayurveda Women’s T-shirts (shown above) (XS-4XL) $28
–Men’s Trillium Ayurveda T-shirts (XS-4XL) $28
–Trillium Ayurveda Long Sleeved Tunics (XS-4XL) $35
–”Don’t be the Dosha” T-shirts (XS-4XL) $28

–YTT T-shirts (2020 color options are Black or Dusty Peach) $28
All shirts are made to order, so please be patient for delivery. Please ask about tanks, sweatshirts, or other special requests.

Women’s T-shirts $28
Women’s tunic $35

I try to keep shipping & handling costs as fair as possible.  

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