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I offer gift certificates and shipping is available.  

 House Made Items:


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  • House Made Beauty Self Care:
  • Dandelion & Nettles: Perfect Daily Face Cream $15 (1.7ounce jar)
  • Dandelion & Nettles Herbal Farm: Self Heal Serum for sun damaged skin $20 (1/4 ounce dropper; a little goes a long way)––coming back soon.
  • Rose & Herb Face Glowing Skin Cleanser $20 (1.7 ounce jar)
  • Traditional Chick Pea Herbal Cleaner $10 (1.7 ounce jar) or $6/ounce
  • Summer Hair Mask/Cleanser: $4 (ounce)
  • Carrot Rose Super Moisture for delicate tissue $20 (1/4 ounce dropper; a little goes a long way)
  • 100 Churned Ghee (.85 ounce jar; keep your eyes peeled for the next batch) $TBD
  • 100 Churned Rose Ghee (.85 ounce jars arrive when the roses peak) $TBD
  • Rose Hydrosol (not house made: from Mountain Rose Herbs, but it’s a great toner) $7.50
  • Lip Balms from Dandelion and Nettles Herbal Farm: $3
  • Skin & Joint Care (4 ounce jars):
  • Joint and Muscle Salve $12
  • Neem Oil Salve $12
  • Kitchen Cleanse Supplies, Teas, & Spices (blended here):
  • Split Mung Dahl $6/lb
  • Basmati Rice $6/lb
  • Kitchari Spices $4/ounce
  • Ghee $13
  • Cleanse Kit: $25 (includes all of the above)
  • Chai Spice Blend (ground and blended to order) $18 (4 ounce jar)
  • Golden Milk (Traditional, Sweet, and New England Style) $16-$18 (4 ounce jar)
  • Spice Tins for Chai, Kitchari, or Healing Golden Milk are now available. Each tin comes with all the spices for a traditional Ayurvedic Chai, Kitchari, or Healing Golden Milk (with Ashwagandha and Shatavri to balance the opposing qualities that can unbalance the body and mind)

Self Care Needs:
–Pindu Sand Balls (for drying out wet, stuck accumulation) $5/each or $9/two
–Rice Bags (to apply heat) $8/each
–Drying Powder (to pull excess Kapha) $3 (1 ounce bag)
–Neem Soap $2.50/bar
–Copper Cups $16/each

Banyan Botanical Oils & Self Care Products:

Please feel free to use the link above to explore and purchase.

I carry many of Banyan Botanical Products, including:
–Oils (Best Sellers: mahanarayan, neem, daily massage oil, brahmi, Ashwagandha-Bala, & sleep easy)
–Supplements (Best Sellers: women’s support, Vata digest, & triphala)
–Cleanings foods (Best Sellers: mung dahl & Kitchari spices)
–Daily self care needs (Best Sellers: nasya oil, daily swish, & bronchial support).

If I don’t carry something, I place orders frequently.  Please let me know, I’d be happy to order it for you to pick up.

My prices are similar Banyan prices, so it’s a matter of convenience for you to either pick up or order through Banyan (I DO appreciate you ordering through the link on my website if you choose to order directly from Banyan).

Other Supportive Oils, Herbs, and Self Care Supplies:

–I carry a few essential oils, including the lavender used in yoga practice and tea tree (used in the “tick kit”).   I purchase my EOs are from Mountain Rose Herbs to ensure quality, sustainability, and appropriate trade practices.
–Herbal Tinctures
–Powdered herbs, spices, and blends (Including ashwagandha, shatavri, morninga, ginger, basic Ayurvedic spices, kithcari spice blend, and much more) $4-ounce (some prices vary)

Medicinal Herbal Oils & Self Care:
–Liniment (acute pain management) $14 (30ml)
–Muriveena Oil (support for deep damage to the tendons and ligaments) $10 (1 ounce dropper)
–Pinda Oil (super oil for stuck blood in the extremities: Rakta-Vata) $18 (4 ounces)
–Ksheera Bala Oil (super nourishment for Vata-Pitta) $18 (4 ounces)
–Dhanvantaram Oil (super nourishment for Vata) $18 (4 ounces)
–Drying Powder (to pull excess Kapha) $3 (1 ounce bag)

We also have Trillium Ayurveda clothing for yoga or just being cozy!!


All clothing is designed and printed by Amber at Orange Graphix, so you get a double whammy of supporting local with these shirts.
–Trillium Ayurveda Women’s T-shirts (shown above) (XS-4XL) $28
–Men’s Trillium Ayurveda T-shirts (XS-4XL) $28
–Trillium Ayurveda Long Sleeved Tunics (XS-4XL) $35
–Trillium Ayurveda Sweatie (XS-2XL) $45
–”Don’t be the Dosha” t-shirts (XS-4XL) $25
–Sport Tunics (XS-4XL) $45
–Cotton Tank (XS-4XL) $28
–Slouchy Tank (S-2XL) $32
–YTT T-shirts (2020: Black or Dusty Peach) $28
All shirts are made to order, so please be patient for delivery.

Women’s T’s in great new colors
Women’s tunic $35
Cotton Tank $28
Slouchy Tank $32
Sport Tunic $45

I try to keep shipping & handling costs as fair as possible.  There will be a slight increase in 2019, due to increases at the post office.

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