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Seasonal Essential Self Care Kits for Kapha (spring), Pitta (summer), and Vata (fall/winter) are delivered to your mailbox or into your hands in mid-February, mid-June, and early October, just in time to practice self care for the shifting seasons. I sometimes have a few extra, but if you want to be sure of a Kit, order early! They often sell out fast!!

If you’d like to add any other products to your order, please message me when you order your Essential Ayurveda Kit.

Each Kit is specially packed with tools to help you stay in balance through each of the Ayurvedic seasons.  You don’t have to think about what you need for each season: I do that for you!  A Kit lets you try out some of the Ayurvedic seasonal tools for less than the cost of buying these items separately and includes some items found only in an Kit.

Kits make a great treat for yourself to get you on the right track for a healthy, balanced season.  They make great gifts.

Kapha/Spring: Kapha’s Kit focuses on uplifting and awakening from the inward turning winter month, as well as eliminating any excess build up left over from the season of slowing down.  
Pitta/Summer: Pitta’s Kit focuses on cooling inside and out, skin care, self care, and little touch of luxury.  
Vata/Autumn/Early Winter: Vata’s Kit is the most nourishing of the kits, with a focus on eliminating excess summer heat and preparing the body & mind for the coming season of extreme cold and depletion. It’s often the most needed Kit for self care. We, too often, slack on our own self care and nourishment.

If you carry extreme tendencies/imbalances (think allergies, colds, depression, anxiety, etc.) in one of the seasons, it is often nice to not only get your “trouble” season’s Ayur-Kit, but the Ayur-Kit of the preceding season as well, as it will have tools to help keep the body from accumulating the qualities that become aggravated in your ‘trouble season’. This is preventative care!!

It also helps to USE your Ayur-Kit, if you’re a hoarder (you know who you are) your job is to use everything in your Kit before the next season’s Kit comes out.

An Essentials Kit includes (each season the Ayur-Kit varies):
–Doshic Spice Blend
–Doshic Salt Blend
–Doshic Body Scrub
–Doshic Tea or Drink
–Other essential supports for the season
–How to use your kit sheet


I love the Box Project! I look forward to the new goodies in all the seasons. I feel very caring, self-caring, and sweetly healing from each box. 
Nancy, Massachusetts
I Love my spring box! It is like a perfect little seasonal Ayurvedic reset. It felt like it contained all the items I needed to refocus on nurturing my body and my routines to keep myself well, and to transition out of winter and into spring. And the Spring Essence was an extra surprise treat! I am carrying it around in my purse for whenever I need a quick sensory pick-me-up.  Looking forward to the next box.  I feel confident these will be a super useful tool for keeping me on track with mindfully shifting with the seasons.

Louise, Maine

I absolutely loved receiving my spring box! It was filled with lovely self-care items, some I would not otherwise know existed. Charlotte includes notes explaining what each thing is, how to use it and why it is good for you. A nice way to transition mentally and physically from one season to the next. I recommend treating yourself to one of these boxes each season!
Kerri, Maine

I like all the additional information and instructions with the products, and it’s nice to try out products I’ve never used before.  I enjoy using the lemon-eucapytus scrub on my face.  The nasya tips taught me new ways to use the oil to better penetrate the skin and nose.  The spices and salts are fun to explore in the kitchen–trikatu on sautéed vegetables gives it an interesting new flavor.

I love the spring essence-I hope she puts one in every box.
–Kari, SC

I have gotten the Fall and Spring Box so far and I love them.  The boxes give you a chance to dip your toe into Ayurvedic principles and products without being scary.  I have to say I am really enjoying the seasonal oils for self massage.  I just need to learn to take more time for myself, which is very difficult for all of us.  Charlotte’s thoughtfully curated boxes give a sample of lots of things: seasonal salts and spices which I find very easy to incorporate into my cooking, self massage oils, yummy smelling scrubs, and in the spring box Nasya oil, which I am trying to use every day, even though it’s something I never would have thought of, let alone used, a year ago.  It’s the Ayurvedic equivalent of those subscription boxes we see ads for.  I continue to take baby steps out of my comfort zone and Charlotte is there to answer any questions and give advice on how to use the goodies in the box.  I can’t wait for my summer box!!
Kim, Massachusetts

*international shipping charges may apply
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