Self Care Boxes

Order before June 7th for delivery, or pick up, the week of June 21st.

$65 for pick up; $75 with shipping.

What is a Box???
Ayurvedic Self Care Boxes for each season are delivered to your mailbox or into your hands the week of each new season (Spring, Summer, Autumn, & Winter).

Spring Box exploding!

Each Box is specially packed with tools to help you stay in balance through each of the four seasons.  You don’t have to think about what you need for each season: I do that for you!  A Box lets you try out some of the Ayurvedic seasonal tools for less than the cost of buying these items separately and usually includes some items found only in a Box.

These Boxes make a great seasonal treat for yourself to get you on the right track for a healthy, balanced season.  They make great gifts.

Spring: with a focus on uplifting and joyfulness, as well as eliminating the excess build up left over from the winter.  Great box for Kapha types.
Summer: with a focus on cooling inside and out, skin care, self care, and little touch of luxury.  Great box for Pitta types.
Autumn: with a focus on eliminating any build up of excess heat (inflammation) while nourishing the body for the coming winter.  Great box for Vata types.
Winter: with a focus on turning inward, rejuvenation, self care, self reflection, and nourishment.  Great box for Vata and a little bit of Kapha types.

If you carry extreme tendencies/imbalances (think allergies, colds, depression, anxiety, etc.) in one of the seasons, it is often nice to not only get your ‘trouble season’ Box, but the Box of the preceding season as well, as it will have tools to help keep the body from accumulating the qualities that become aggravated in your ‘trouble season’. This is preventative care!!

A Box usually includes (each season the Boxes will vary):
–Spice blends for the kitchen
–Skin care and scents for the bathroom
–The major ‘must haves’ for each season
–Tools to balance common complaints of each season
–Luxury items to treat yourself
–How to’s and tips
–And more…

Spring’s Box



I Love my spring box! It is like a perfect little seasonal Ayurvedic reset. It felt like it contained all the items I needed to refocus on nurturing my body and my routines to keep myself well, and to transition out of winter and into spring. And the Spring Essence was an extra surprise treat! I am carrying it around in my purse for whenever I need a quick sensory pick-me-up.  Looking forward to the next box.  I feel confident these will be a super useful tool for keeping me on track with mindfully shifting with the seasons.

Louise, Maine

I absolutely loved receiving my spring box! It was filled with lovely self-care items, some I would not otherwise know existed. Charlotte includes notes explaining what each thing is, how to use it and why it is good for you. A nice way to transition mentally and physically from one season to the next. I recommend treating yourself to one of these boxes each season!
Kerri, Maine

I like all the additional information and instructions with the products, and it’s nice to try out products I’ve never used before.  I enjoy using the lemon-eucapytus scrub on my face.  The nasya tips taught me new ways to use the oil to better penetrate the skin and nose.  The spices and salts are fun to explore in the kitchen–trikatu on sautéed vegetables gives it an interesting new flavor.

I love the spring essence-I hope she puts one in every box.
–Kari, SC

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