Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach

Please reach out if you are interested in becoming an Ayurvedic Lifestyle & Diet Coach. We are beginning to take students on a rolling basis. Much of the training takes place at your own pace. Once that is complete, there are one on one sessions and small group sessions to complete your training. Please reach out for more information or to apply.

This is a stepping stone program to begin to work one on one with clients and up leveling your education in Ayurveda. It is not a NAMA certified Health Counselor or Health Practitioner program, but our training will give you a solid foundation to begin coaching and to better understand the concepts of Ayurveda in other settings (yoga, nursing, complementary health fields, etc.). This will also give you a solid foundation for your continued studies should you choose to continue your journey in Ayurveda Education.

Below is a brief outline of the training. Some of the trainings can be taken in the same year. The training can take two to three years to complete.

  • Ayurveda 101 and Yoga Training (self paced and on-line).
  • All of the Ayurveda Studies Classes (eight sessions, plus The Mind Series).
  • Pranayama Series for Autumn (the Healing Practices).
  • One year of Ayurveda Lifestyle and Diet Studies for Coaches.
  • Working one on one and Effective Coaching Training.
  • Individual Case Study Feedback Sessions.
  • Final Evaluation.
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