Teaching Yin Yoga

Yin is one of the most deeply nourishing practices of Yoga. By targeting the connective tissues of the body and holding the poses “just right”, we can cultivate a profound relationship to the poses of yoga and the body for beautiful integration and healing. Yin teaches us so much about who we are and how our body works.

Yin practices realign the balance of the body, allowing for profound healing on all levels of your being. Learning the Yin poses can help you really understand the poses and the practice of yoga on a new level.

In this class, you’ll learn about what Yin is (and isn’t), why Yin practices are important, and when it’s appropriate to use Yin. You’ll explore the fascial system of the body and learn how to care for this incredible tissue of communication and healing. You’ll learn how Yin impacts this tissue for healing and wellness. You’ll see how to break down the poses to understand how to sequence well and effectively teach the Yin Poses.

There’s a lot of material packed into this three hour workshop! Open to teachers and experienced yoga students (students who have a consistent practice).

RSVP HERE all classes and trainings with Charlotte (me) are under Workshops..

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