Zoom Yoga: Yoga and Props

Props are your Friends. -Me

Today, we looked at poses with options to use props, including using a chair for support and balance. If you think yoga isn’t for you, this might be the class the check out. If you feel “weak” and “unstable”, this might be a fun class to play with. The poses aren’t “easy” poses, but with a little help from your “friends”, you can begin to explore the shapes of the poses in your body. And…with a chair nearby, you can always just sit. Sitting and being is a great practice. Your practice is your own.

Please reach out if there are any special requests for class you’d like to see! I’m happy to weave a class around your requests or work your requests into the classes.

This class will stay posted and available longer than our usual weekly yoga to give you a chance to explore the practice with and without chairs and props!

Join us each Monday at 9:30am for live Zoom Yoga; RSVP HERE. The classes usually start with these juicy life nuggets and reflections to cherish and ponder and take off the mat into life. If you can’t make the live time, there’s a recording to watch in your own time and place. This is the PERFECT practice to fit into your perfectly perfect full life. Register below under: workshops. If you missed this morning’s class and would like to watch the recording, please reach out.

Living Well: Practicing Ayurveda meets monthly on the 3rd Friday of the Mont. Last Class Blog Post. Next session: May 19th at 6pm. This is a required series for our Ayurveda Lifestyle Coaching program.

BeeWell Gathering is this Friday at 6pm via Zoom.

Nervous System Health in Ayurveda Studies is next month. . These are required studies for our Ayurveda Lifestyle Coaching program.

Yoga with Charlotte in the studio on May 6th 27th and June 3rd at 6pm. It’ll be a Yin Style practice. RSVP required.

RSVP HERE for classes with our Trillium Teachers (under Classes), all classes and trainings with Charlotte (me) are under Workshops..

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