Women’s Health Saturday!

This Saturday, we are looking at Women’s health and wellness from an Ayurvedic perspective! It’s a, well, “BIG” is too small a word. It’s a HUGE topic. So…

Here’s what to expect in this Class: we’re going to break it down into the Stages of Life, from age ten (pre-puberty) to completion of menopause. We’ll look at how things function optimally in each stage and look at ways things may “break down” or become imbalanced in each stage, and how to manage each stage.

Having a good look at the entire picture is a really nice way to see a more Wholistic vantage. From this wholistic viewpoint, we can begin to explore individual stages and problem areas and disEase progression and management. If there is anything specific you would like to see touched on, please reach out when you register. I will do my best to answer all the questions that arise.

Optional Pre-Work: to better understand how this all applies to you and your life and wellness, please consider what your own personal dosha/constitution is. If you don’t know it, you can find a Dosha Quiz on Banyan Botanicals HERE. Have fun exploring and enjoy the distraction…Banyan has some wonderful articles and products.

Everyone is welcome: Please Register HERE. While it’s always best to make the live class (via Zoom), there will be a recording available to watch. Saturday 10-12 via Zoom.

Explore Banyan Botanicals HERE and find the Dosha Quiz.

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