Zoom Yoga: Pearls and Crowns!

“Worry is misUse of Imagination.”

We use our imagination all the time. We use it to worry. We use it to replay arguments. We use it to “redo” the things we didn’t do (or say) the way we wanted to. We use it to remember back when things were “so much better”. We use it to think about that far off day when things will be “so much better.”

In general though, we don’t value imagination. We are supposed to outgrow it to get to more linear thought. You know, those thoughts that lead us to the “right” answer and the “right” way. Which, I find, often lead to…”supposed to” and “should”. We all know how terrible “supposed to” and “should” can be!!

Bring on the Imagination. Listen to stories and Imagine your place in those stories. Day Dream Big Dreams (dreams outside the “supposed to” and “should” and linear boxes). Sit and just let your Imagination wander. Imagination is a really nice guide on the Journey of Life. Imagination helps us to cultivate Creativity, including creative problem solving, which just might save the world. Imagination makes us feel connected and helps us to feel like We Belong. A lack of Imagination can lead to isolation and loneliness.

Bring on the Imagination! It’s Magic! It’s healing! Use your Imagination with Wisdom. Bring on the Pearls! Wear your Crown.

Join us each Monday at 9:30am for live Zoom Yoga; RSVP HERE. The classes usually start with some of these juicy life nuggets and reflections to cherish and ponder and take off the mat into life. If you can’t make the live time, there’s a recording to watch in your own time and place. This is the PERFECT practice to fit into your perfectly perfect full life. Register below under: workshops. If you missed this morning’s class and would like to watch the recording, please reach out.

Living Well: Practicing Ayurveda meets monthly on the 3rd Friday of the Mont. Last Class Blog Post. Next session: May 19th at 6pm. This is a required series for our Ayurveda Lifestyle Coaching program.

Pranayama: The Cleansing Practices of Spring comes on April 29th 10-1 (Saturday Workshop).

Women’s Health are the next Ayurveda Study sessions. These are required studies for our Ayurveda Lifestyle Coaching program.

Earth and Moon Yoga in the studio on May 6th!! Other dates will pop up for Yoga with Charlotte in the studio soon.

RSVP HERE for classes with our Trillium Teachers (under Classes), all classes and trainings with Charlotte (me) are under Workshops..

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