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If you missed last night’s Living Well: the Wisdom of Ayurveda for Daily Living here’s a sneak peek below. The yoga practices (a short 15 minute practice) posted on the blog earlier this week, so even if you didn’t join the class you can enjoy the practice that went with this month’s class. It’s a nice way to start every day and short enough to perhaps fall under no excuses yoga!

  • The book we are using is Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom by Acharya Shunya.
  • We talked about the importance of the morning rhythms and the Brahma Muhurta time, which I like to translate as the Divine Time or the Magic Time.
  • We discussed how to cultivate a morning ritual and the importance of having “something to wake up for” and how to begin to truly wake up for the day and wake up for life and how it’s all intertwined!! This included the why and how of a morning yoga practice–even just a short one (and why a yoga practice was included in this month’s session)!
  • We talked about how a good morning routine can alleviate (and in many cases eliminate) fear. Fear often manifests as anxiety and depression* and an over-reactive (stressed out, wired, and tired) nervous system.
  • We talked about the disEase management aspect of waking up well and how it can go a long way for rebalancing everything on both physical and mental levels of being. The ripple effects of a good morning!
  • We talked about how to “catch up” on sleep and keeping good rhythms of rest and wake cycles.
  • Surrendering to Time Universal.
  • We digressed into a discussion around planning well for a healthy summer and fall. We looked at ways to plan ahead to care for our bodies for the long haul and for the joy of using this precious embodiment to climb mountains, run fast and long, to compete, and chase dreams!! This was a fun conversation as conventional thought around athletics and diet is often detrimental to the long haul wellness of our bodies. and minds.
  • Join us next month…we have super fun discussions and digressions!!

We meet next month on the 3rd Friday, May 19th at 6pm, via Zoom or in-person (Hybrid; we meet every month through November; no August). Feel free to join them all or the ones you can attend. Next Month we’ll be looking at Chapter Three and the importance of letting go.

* Of Note: The discussion is an open discussion and we do digress and talk about Big Topics. In general, we are not talking about clinical levels of anxiety and depression, but at the same time: daily living practices work and help. Please consult a practitioner of Ayurveda to create a plan that will work for your needs; we are all special and unique and one size never fits all. Pleases reach out for the support you need.

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