Living Well’s Yoga Practice for April

RSVP HERE all classes with Charlotte are found under “workshops”

This class is part of Trillium’s Living Well Series, which meets monthly to discuss topics in Ayurveda and to learn how to bring that Wisdom more fully into daily living.  Please enjoy this practice and feel welcome to join us on the 3rd Friday of each month (that’s this Friday/tomorrow night for April). These classes are for everyone; via Zoom. The book we are using is Ayurvedic Lifestyle Wisdom by Acharya Shunya (there’s no need to be “caught up” on the reading or to have attended previous sessions).

If you are not warmed up, please go gently and use the first rounds as your warm up. This is a nice short practice to bring into your daily living. One of our big topics in Living Well is HOW to we bring the practices of yoga and Ayurveda into daily living as householders?

Sneak Peeks:

  • Women’s Health on May 6th (via Zoom).
  • The Niyamas Discussion series begins on May 1st with Janet and Charlotte (via Zoom). You don’t have to have attended the Yamas Series to join.
  • Spring Pranayama (the Uplifting Breathing Practices) take place on April 29th in the Trillium Studio.
  • Yoga Assisting for teachers on May 13th in the Trillium Studio.
  • In Depth with Yin Yoga on June 17th (there will be a spattering of pop-up Yin Yoga classes in June–look for dates and times to post soon). This class is geared toward yoga teachers, but is open to all students of yoga who want to learn more.
  • In Depth with Restorative Yoga comes in July. If this is intriguing, you may consider joining June’s Nervous System and Ayurveda class for extra supportive studies (that class is not required).
  • Remember that we will be diving into the Mind this fall with Ayurvedic Psychology: Practical Psychology for EveryBody. Dates are posted…this is a beloved class full of really useful things to ponder and put into practice in daily life. Early Bird investment is currently available.
  • Yoga takes place weekly and monthly. In person, Zoom, and recorded options are available.
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