Hearts, Earth, & Living Well

RSVP HERE all classes with Charlotte are found under “workshops”

This weekend is full of classes, including Ayurveda and Heart Health on Saturday from 10-noon. As you can see, health and wellness is too important to take too too seriously, so here’s our anatomy model for this class (I think he needs a name…hmmm…I’m open to suggestions).

In all seriousness, this is a must attend class for…well, pretty much everyone. We all have hearts. We’ll talk about the heart from basic anatomy (western and Ayurvedic) and general care to managing deeper imbalance and disEase. This is really important self care. The heart is the center of it all. It’s best to join live, but if you can’t it will be recorded.

Friday’s class, Living Well is open for everyone (6pm via Zoom)! Those “new’ and “old” to Ayurveda. This class helps us to continue to learn as well as stay on target with our wellness goals with shared information, discussion, and support. We’re talking Sunshine and Rhythms this month. Don’t miss out, it sounds simple, but we’re going to dig into some really juicy stuff.

Saturday evening winds down with Spring Yoga for the Earth and Moon (Spring monthly yoga practice with Charlotte). Enjoy a practice honoring the sun, moon, and earth. The next dates for Spring Earth and Moon Yoga are on May 6th and June 3rd.

Sneak Peeks:

  • Women’s Health on May 6th.
  • The Niyamas Discussion series begins on May 1st. You don’t have to have attended the Yamas Series to join.
  • Yoga Assisting for teachers on May 13th.
  • In Depth with Yin Yoga on June 17th (there will be a spattering of pop-up Yin Yoga classes in June–look for dates and times to post soon). This class is geared toward yoga teachers, but is open to all students of yoga who want to learn more.
  • In Depth with Restorative Yoga comes in July. If this is intriguing, you may want to join June’s Nervous System and Ayurveda class for extra supportive studies (not required).
  • Remember that we will be diving into the Mind this fall with Ayurvedic Psychology: Practical Psychology for EveryBody. Dates are posted…this is a beloved class full of really useful things to ponder and put into practice in daily life. Early Bird investment is currently available.
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