Zoom Yoga: Spring and Aliveness!

There’s no doubt that it’s springtime. Don’t miss the spring tips post for more details on some of the things we touched on in this morning’s practice (if you see me in person or are in the studio be sure to grab a Spring Tips Card). You may also join me on Friday (via Zoom) for Living Well: Practicing Ayurveda’s Wisdom, where we’ll talk about these shifting rhythms of the sun and how to manage and reestablish equilibrium.

It’s time to shift gears from Winter’s sluggishness and coziness into getting outside, getting moving, visiting friends and friendly places, and getting moving. Did I mention getting moving? Inside and out and in all the ways. Moving the body and moving the breath and even moving the Mind!! Everything gets sluggish and this is the season for moving it along!!

Breath of Joy is one of my favorite spring breath-work practices (pranayama)–a how to is on those Spring Tips Cards! Try doing ten to twenty rounds each morning to keep the things that are “thawing” moving through and out. Wake up for Spring! It’s time to cultivate Aliveness and rebuild those consistent being well and moving well practices!!

Join us each Monday at 9:30am for live Zoom Yoga. The classes usually start with some of these juicy life nuggets and reflections to cherish and ponder and take off the mat into life. If you can’t make the live time, there’s a recording to watch in your own time and place. This is the PERFECT practice to fit into your perfectly perfect full life. Register below under: workshops. If you missed this morning’s class and would like to watch the recording, please reach out.

Living Well: Practicing Ayurveda meets monthly on the 3rd Friday of the Mont. Last Class Blog Post. Next session: April 21st at 6pm. This is a required series for our Ayurveda Lifestyle Coaching program.

Pranayama: The Cleansing Practices of Spring comes on April 29th 10-1 (Saturday Workshop).

Heart Health and Women’s Health are the next Ayurveda Study sessions. These are required studies for our Ayurveda Lifestyle Coaching program.

Join me for Earth and Moon Yoga in the studio on April 22nd!!

RSVP HERE for classes with our Trillium Teachers (under Classes), all classes and trainings with Charlotte (me) are under Workshops..

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