NEW CLASS: Ayurveda Living Well

We’ll meet the 3rd Friday of the month from March to November (no August meet) discussing a new topic in Ayurveda each month. There will be a lecture, followed by discussion, and a book for enhancing the Wisdom. I’ve got the book narrowed down…but I’m not quite committed to the one yet. In these classes, we will work together to understand how to apply Ayurveda Wisdom to different personality types. We’ll really explore in each of us: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha and learn how to balance those doshas in the day to day, week to week, month to month shifts of the Qualities around us (the Gunas of Ayurveda).

Feel free to join all of the lectures or the ones you are able to attend. We’re starting this month with “getting started”, the basic How To of Ayurveda, starting with emptying and spring cleaning our Self Care Toolbox for a fresh look and a fresh start.

Living Well is different from the Ayurveda Studies (see the Ayurveda Studies description below) in that Living Well is much more focused on applying the wisdom into the day to day living (VPK, Gunas, Seasons, Dinacharya, and more). The How-To Practice Part of Ayurveda. Consistent, daily practice.

RSVP HERE under Workshops (all classes with Charlotte are listed under Workshops)

Ayurveda Studies:

Ayurveda Studies expands the knowledge of Ayurveda through the body’s tissues and functions to specific imbalances and disEases in the body. In Studies, we focus on the Mind (Practical Ayurvedic Psychology) in the Autumn, where we will discover the Four Parts of the Mind and the Gunas of the Mind.

Upcoming Sessions: Skin Health, Heart Health, Women’s Health, and the Nervous System before a Summer Break and return the The Mind in the Autumn. Missed sessions can be purchased as a recording (recordings stay available until the specific class repeats itself or in one year).

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