NEW: Living Well: Practicing the Wisdom of Ayurveda

We ALL know how hard it is to maintain a consistent and healthy lifestyle. We mostly know what to do, but we’re challenged to DO it. Sometimes, we don’t know what to do or where to begin and we need help!! These new monthly classes are here to do just that!! They’re like your consistent yoga class, but we’ll focus on Ayurveda diet and lifestyle practices for optimum wellness. As we know, committing to consistent study is the best way to make long term shifts into your life.

RSVP HERE All classes with Charlotte are under Workshops and you’ll find this Workshop under: Living Well.

Each lesson and discussion offers practical tools, tips, and exercises to help you make healthy changes to your life. There will be practices and readings between sessions to help you to continue to commit to your consistent work of Radical Self Care. There will be one required book to purchase that we’ll use through the entire year.

These classes take place monthly (no August or December sessions). Each month we’ll meet and discuss a new topic in Ayurveda. The first session begins in March at the beginning with “Getting Started” and in April we move on to Rest, DeStress, and Sleep which is just the perfect thing to explore as Spring emerges. We’ll just keep the learning going from there…

This class is for everyone: new and experienced students of Ayurveda and Yoga and Life. There’s always something new to be gleaned and it’s always a good time to commit and recommit to learning and practice. You may use these hours for continuing education credit with Yoga Alliance.

You may register for all the sessions or show up for the sessions you’re able to attend. I highly recommend that you try to attend all sessions, the entire year weaves and builds together (but it’s okay if you can’t; come when you can). When you register, please let me know if you are joining via Zoom or in person…we’re going Hybrid for this one so that everyone, everywhere can attend.

I’m so excited for this new class and I can’t wait to meet you there!!

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