Ayurveda, Yoga, and Hormones

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Many of you have been waiting and waiting for this class to reappear! Well, it’s finally here!

We dig deep in these intensive classes, not just the surface level of what you already know and what you already know you “should” be doing, but really diving into the information. We’ll touch on anatomy and start with a basic understanding of the whole system and the Wholistic System (your human body) and how it all works together. We’ll see why it’s important to balance our hormones. As Dr. Claudia says: Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life and…vice versa.

We’ll talk about the hormone system from both an Ayurveda and Yoga perspective, which offers you different ways of understanding hormones and a variety of tools to use in managing your own imbalances and weak spaces! Tools to manage imbalance will include yoga postures, breathing practices, food choices, lifestyle, and more.

Things often start with our balance of hormones. Well, it all starts in the Gut, but the hormone system is a common “weak space” where trouble begins and then cascades into bigger trouble if not managed well. Get to know your hormones and learn discover how to manage your hormones well.

This is the class to take if you’re stressed out, not sleeping well, irritable, angry, cranky, tired, managing menstrual issues or other hormonal imbalance (thyroid, adrenal, reproductive, etc.), sick-all-the-time, weak immunity, or just plain feeling out of balance.

These classes happen on Zoom, which means you’ll get the recording to refer back to and you may choose to watch the recording if you can’t make the live time, but we highly recommend that you try to make the live class!!!

Upcoming Intensives include Ayurveda and your Skin, Heart Health, Women’s Health, and the Nervous System. In the Autumn, we’ll explore mental wellness with Ayurveda and the Mind!

Pranayama (healing breathing practices) for Spring takes place on the last three Fridays of April. In the beautiful Trillium Studio. All are welcome.

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