Open Letter to Book Club (and optional continued self study)

We have discovered that some of you are “stealth joining” Book Club. You’re unable to attend the sessions for whatever reasons, but are reading the book, curious, and reaching out. Book Club is stress free, free, and open to everyone, so we’ve decided to share Book Club information openly. We also know that some of you missed Book Club last night, so we’re catching you up.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our first Book Club series. It’s been a wonderful journey and it wouldn’t have been as wonderful without each and every one of you. We cannot thank you enough for being a part of this journey and a special thanks for those who showed up when it was the hardest to do do (you know who you are). We hope you enjoyed the Company, Discussion, and Shares as much as we did.

We do have plans for our next Book Club. Our intention (wink) was to have a Winter and Summer Book Club, but we are unsure if Summer is the right time for reading and study, so we might offer our next in the Autumn. We welcome your thoughts and feedback.

Again, stress-free Book Club, so here is the optional self study for continuing studies.

  1. Please continue to read and re-read and read again The Opposite of Namaste. As we discovered, it is a never-ending book. If you have any questions or things you would like us to expand upon, please send us a message. We have Musings with Charlotte and Janet that happen at least monthly and we’d love your input for what to Muse upon. Our next Musing is already inspired by Intentions so keep your eyes peeled for that one to post!
  2. Continue to work on your Intention. Remember that your Intention is likely to continue to evolve. Allow it to be so. Not allowing ourselves to evolve is to become stuck and rigid, so be mindful that your Intention is your Intention and not becoming its own…Beast. Remember, if we don’t create our own Intentions for life, one (or many {sigh}) are created for us and those are often not feeding the best version of ourselves.
  3. WRITE your Intention down somewhere that you will be able to easily reference it (journal, planner, bathroom wall…)
  4. Please notice how you NOURISH your Intention. Continue to NOURISH your Intention.
  5. If you would like to share your intentions with us, we’d LOVE to read them. You may choose to comment on this post or send us your intentions in a message or email. If we may, we’d love to share them to help others discover and unfold (we will NOT use your names).
  6. We’d also LOVE to read any nuggets of wisdom that you gleaned and particularly found to resonate with where you are. We’d also love to share those if you allow us to (NO names, of course).
  7. Please explore Timber’s PodCast. Especially the one on Intentions and the other chapters that sparked you (look for the chapters you marked up excessively). It’s nice to hear the stories told to us.
  8. Bonus: please consider reviewing Timber’s book wherever you bought it. As Timber said, he hasn’t had a chance to hear many reviews for this newest book. Help him out. Write a review.
  9. Bonus, Bonus: Timber does really excellent work and give his time without charging the venues he visits. Please consider making a donation to support Timber and his Work. Please consider purchasing other Timber books from his website (he might even sign them for you!). Janet and I also made a donation on behalf of the group, so if money is tight please know that the gift was paid forward for you.

In closing: Namaste to Intentions and Your True North Compass. Namaste to You. Namaste to Life.

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