Spring Cleaning: Saucha

Saucha: Purity, Cleanliness.

We made it. Imbolc, the celebration of the halfway point between winter and spring. It’s coming. I even saw the maple syrup tap lines being readied. But Spring’s not here. Not quite. We’ve still got a little bit to go.

RSVP HERE for classes with our Trillium Teachers (under Classes), classes with Charlotte (all classes with Charlotte are under Workshops): Managing Hormones with Ayurveda and Yoga comes this month, followed by Skin next month. Pranayama: The Cleansing Practices comes in April (3 part series).

We like to hurry spring along, but she’ll come in her own time!! Pushing and rushing spring will bite us…probably with the sharp teeth of bitter cold and the cutting edges of Vata-like snowflakes. We’re not ready yet. It’s still…stock taking time. Time to rest and assess.

So…as we talked about this morning in Home Yoga Practice (via Zoom and Recording; you can still get the recording if you reach out to me), it’s time to:

0. Do nothing. Just be. Sit. Stay. Be present. Allow.

  1. Gather information. As you sit, be, stay, practice, be present, and allow…notice the information that comes in. Don’t DO anything with it. Just gather. Don’t make plans. Just gather. Don’t assess. Just gather. Don’t analyze. Just gather. They’ll be plenty of time for all of that later, for not, just really sit with the information that comes in.

These two stages will allow us to really have at hand the information we need to better prepare and glide into Spring appropriately for who we are. Who we are being that each of us is special and unique and each of us has our own special and unique needs. One size does not fit all. Pausing and taking stock will guide us to the correct spring practices for us and not get trapped but the tug of the easier line of: “this is what everyone else is doing so it must be what I’m supposed to do to” line.


0. Do Nothing.

  1. Gather information.

And PS: don’t forget to oil!! It’s easier to stay ahead of dryness than it is to catch up!! In the bitter cold, our skin and tissues ask for more warmth and juicy/oily nourishment!

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