Open Letter to Book Club (and optional self study)

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Book Club last night, especially to Timber Hawkeye the author of our Winter Book. What a surprise and a gift. Timber joined us in the small space between his US Book Tour and International Book Tour. Saying Yes, because “why not?” We’re so very grateful.

We have discovered that some of you are “stealth joining” Book Club. You’re unable to attend the sessions for whatever reasons, but are reading the book, curious, and reaching out. Book Club is stress free, free, and open to everyone, so we’ve decided to share Book Club information openly. We also know that some of you missed Book Club last night, so we’re catching you up.

Again, stress-free Book Club, so here is the optional self study for February 8th’s session (last session; you’re welcome to join us).

  1. Please finish reading The Opposite of Namaste.
  2. Continue to work on your Intention from the chapter on “Intention”.
  3. Consider looking at the chapter on “Your Behavior” to support your Intention (remember it’s a lower case ‘i’ and can change and shift as you change and grow). This chapter investigates “core values” (might be familiar to recent graduate of YTT) and who you want to be.
  4. For those who were at Book Club last night, you saw my messy list (in a blog post last night) of nuggets that were meaningful to me. Please write your own list of nuggets that are meaningful to you in your journal or someplace safe.
  5. Bonus: please consider reviewing Timber’s book wherever you bought it. As Timber said, he hasn’t had a chance to hear many reviews for this newest book. Help him out. Write a review.
  6. Bonus, Bonus: Timber does really excellent work and give his time without charging the venues (like us last night). Please consider making a donation to support Timber and his Work. Please consider purchasing other Timber books from his website (he might even sign them for you!). 100% of income from Dark Night Yoga this weekend will be donated to Timber in gratitude.

In closing: Namaste to Timber. Namaste to You. Namaste to Life.

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