Ayurveda and Hormones

I know many of you have been waiting and waiting for this class to reappear! Well, it’s here! This class is packed with information on how the hormonal system works, how it works together, and practical tools for managing hormonal health. There will be time for discussion and questions. Please, don’t miss out on taking this class. It’s a must attend for pretty much everyone and it won’t come around again until next year (at the earliest). This class works best if we’re all live, but if you are unable to attend live, please reach out and we’ll see what we can do.

Practically: this is the class to take if you’re stressed out, not sleeping well, irritable, angry, cranky, tired, managing menstrual issues or other hormonal imbalance (thyroid, adrenal, reproductive, etc.), sick-all-the-time, weak immunity, or just plain feeling out of balance. Things often start with our balance of hormones. Well, it all starts in the Gut, but the hormone system is a common “weak space” where trouble begins and then cascades into bigger trouble if not managed well.

And of note: men have hormones too and hormonal imbalances, so this is not just for women!


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