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Often one of our commitments to a new year is to learn and to grow. Studies show that learning and growing are one of the basic keys to happiness. So if you want to be more happy in 2023, these offerings may help. If you already know that learning and Good Company are good for you (in all the ways), these offerings are for you!!

All of these classes/intensives/workshops are open to anyone who wants to learn more about Yoga and Ayurveda than what is offered in a regular yoga class. Most of these are offered on Zoom to make they easy and accessible, wherever you are.

Reminder from Yesterday’s Email:

-We’re not going to raise our prices going into 2023.

-We’re going to make Self Care and Learning easy in 2023.

-We’re even going to add “a little something extra” things as a bonus throughout the year!

You’ll find “a little something extras” through these emails and sometimes on the Blog. Be sure to be signed up for Blog updates and these newsletters. Your friends too!! Look for emails to come the rest of this week to update you on what we offer at Trillium!

Studies to Explore (open to all students of life, yoga, and Ayurveda):

Monthly BeeWell Gatherings take place the first Friday of each month via Zoom (2nd Friday in February, due to conflict). Here we gather with Good Company and allow the needs of the group to lead the conversation. It might be answers to questions or we might end up somewhere completely different to get to exactly what’s needed. These are really nicely offered at $10/session.

-Book Club with Charlotte and Janet: Our first Book Club begins on January 4th at 8-9pm for three sessions. Book Club is part of “a little something extra”it’s FREE. Just grab a copy of the book and register for the sessions. Bring a friend. Our first book is The Opposite of Namaste by Timber Hawkeye.

-Speaking of “a little something extra”, other FREE STUFF includes Monthly Musings where Janet and I meet on Zoom and record mini discussions on topics we think you’ll be interested in. I also post lots of Blog Posts, which are often full of useful information from Yoga and Ayurveda and life. Sometimes, they are answers to your questions.

Yamas (social ethics) and Niyamas (personal ethics) of Yoga Discussion Series. With Charlotte and Janet via Zoom (conveniently located). We’ll discuss one a week and then take them home to practice bringing them into our daily lives. First ten Mondays of the New Year (beginning on January 2nd at 6pm). $225 Investment for the entire series (open to CE’s with Yoga Alliance and part of the 300 hour Yoga Studies; information on that in tomorrow’s email).

Meditation Series with Janet via Zoom. Deepen your meditation practice or learn how to meditate. You may take this training for your personal growth or enroll in the Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher Training to become a certified meditation teacher. This training is 15 weekly sessions offered via Zoom. Please reach out for more information. More information on the teacher training aspects of this comes out tomorrow.

Pranayama the Healing Breath Practices of Yoga takes place each Spring (with the uplifting and clearing practices) and Fall (with the healing and nourishing practices). The Spring Series will take place via Zoom with Charlotte starting in March). Pranayama is part of the “magic” of yoga, healing physical, emotional, and deeper/sublte imbalances. It’s a tool that is always with you. Join me to learn and begin your deeply healing practice. More information on the teacher training aspects of this comes out tomorrow.

Ayurveda Intensives take place each month through June. Each two hour (or more) intensive explores a bodily system from the Ayurvedic (and Western) perspective then offers healing tools from Ayurveda and yoga to support and bring balance and wellness. Open to everyone who wants to learn more about Radical Self Care. Intensives include Bone and Joint Health, Women’s Health, Hearth Health, and More…These truly are must not miss classes for taking charge of your health.

In the Fall, we will dive into Ayurveda and the Mind! This is a favorite and for the first time will be offered as more than just teasers in Yoga Teacher Training! Learn to… “potty train” your Mind to behave well, stay in balance/Calm, and be Sattvic/Kind. Join us in the Fall of 2023 for this amazing series!! Proud Moment: Charlotte is the first American Graduate of the Vedic Psychology Training with Babaji Satyanarayana Dasa and Jessica Richmond, so this is a very special Study offering.

-Ayurveda 101 and Yoga is our at your own pace on-line program that deepens your relationship to the sister sciences of Ayurveda and yoga to bring you everything you need to truly begin a personal Path of Wellness and Practice. With Charlotte and Janet. This course is completely on-line, at your own pace, and includes a final project for completion. You may take as little as ten weeks (one week per session) to complete, but we recommend taking two weeks per session. Reach out to join.

Most of these Studies can be accessed in the link above. Please reach out if you can’t find the Study you’re looking for.

We also offer other trainings for personal development and continuing education, including Yoga Teacher Trainings for new teachers and Continuing Education for current teacher. We offer 300 hours in Yoga and Ayurveda Studies. Information for these trainings and will appear in tomorrow’s email.

We’ll also send out an email about Body Treatments and Consultations with Charlotte and yesterday you got an email on ongoing classes at Trillium. Feel free to share any of these emails. Don’t forget…there’s going to be some “a little something extra” things to look for! Don’t miss out, some are time sensitive…

Happy End of the Year and Beginning of a New Year. The Practice of Letting Go and Receiving. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Love & Namaste,


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