Yoga Classes with Trillium

It seems like everything is going up in price. It seems like it’s getting harder and harder to take care of ourselves in deep and meaningful ways. We get it and we’re here to help!!

-We’re not going to raise our prices going into 2023.

-We’re going to make Self Care and Learning easy in 2023.

-We’re even going to add “a little something extra” things as a bonus throughout the year!

You’ll find “a little something extras” through email news and sometimes on the Blog. Be sure to be signed up these Blog updates and our newsletter. Your friends too!! Look for posts to come the rest of this week to update you on what we offer at Trillium!

Here is the Trillium Yoga Schedule:

-A weekly “no excuses” practice: Mondays at 9:30am we offer Trillium Home Yoga Practice via Zoom. We sometimes chat for a few minutes before the class starts, then start at 9:30 with Practice. The practice is recorded, so if you can’t make the class time, you still get a recording to practice throughout the week in your own time and your own place. $10/class (the recording deletes in two week to help you maintain a consistent and fresh Home Practice)

  • “a little something extra”: this year, there will be occasional pop up mini-recordings that come in the recording email. A Daily Practice you can easily fit in and practice every day.

Community Yoga takes place each Wednesday at 6pm at the Community Church in North Orange. We’re upstairs. Simply drop in for these classes. No RSVP required. $10/class

-Look for Special Yoga Classes to pop up throughout the year. We have Dark Night Yoga on the Dark Moon of January (January 21st at 6pm) and the Winter Solstice (December 21st at 6pm). Pause: A Quiet Retreat arrives on the first Saturday in January and starts the year off with a Day of Quiet and Good Company. Look for other yoga classes to pop up and post throughout the year.

-You may also take classes at the Trillium Studio with graduates of our Yoga Teacher Training programs: Ava teaches Gentle Practice on Sunday mornings at 9am in the Trillium Studio. Marie teaches Cozy Yoga (a blend of movement, Yin, and Restorative practices) Sundays at 4pm in the Trillium Studio. These classes are $12/each; please RSVP.

We also offer other classes for personal development and continuing education, including Book Club (that’s FREE and part of “a little something extra”), Yoga Yamas and Niyamas Discussion Series with myself and Janet, Ayurveda classes, and more! These class offerings and will appear in another email tomorrow.

We’ll also send out an email about Consultations, Body Treatments, and trainings at Trillium. Also…there’s going to be some “a little something extra” things to look for! Don’t miss out, some are time sensitive…

Happy End of the Year and Beginning of a New Year. The Practice of Letting Go and Receiving. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Love & Namaste,


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