Please visit our New Teachers Page and reach out for more information and to apply.

We are now accepting applications for our 2023 Yoga Teacher Training for new teachers or those who simply want to cultivate an even deeper relationship to yoga on their mat and in their life. Reach out for more information or to begin the application process. The next training begins in March of 2023.

We are an in person training meeting over several months. While we appreciate the gifts that on-line trainings and classes offer (we even offer our own on-line classes), we are committed to not rushing to “the end” certificate that allows a student to teach yoga. We are committed to our 200 hour students to really deeply set a solid foundation in the practice, skill, and art of yoga. That takes time, sangha, and dedication. We are committed to getting to know each of our students so that we can fully support them on the journey. We are committed to being confident that we have given each of our unique, special, and individual students the tools and support they need to make them the most effective, thoughtful, and skillful teachers of yoga they can possibly be…both on and off the mat.

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