Ayurveda and Rhythms

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Next Class is tomorrow: join live or watch the recording (handouts will be emailed with the Zoom Link prior to the start of class.

Ritucharya: the Art of Living in Rhythm. The root Rtu has its meaning in truth and order. It is the natural ordered rhythm of life that we see in nature and in ourselves (when we are in our most optimum state of being). Ritucharya is often translated as the seasonal rhythms that we are attuned to as beings of nature. It is when we become mis-attuned to nature’s truth and order that we create disorder and chaos within ourselves (in body, mind, and heart). Understanding the rhythms outside of ourselves helps us to balance the rhythms within us. Those balanced rhythms then bring us into wellness. This is the Art of Living in Rhythm.

This art begins with understanding the rhythms of the seasons, the sun, the moon, and the cyclical nature of our personal lifetime path and learning to live in tune with this song of life. This is what we’ll cover in tomorrow’s Ayurvedic Routines class, which will leave you with lots to ponder and new tools for your wellness toolbox.

We balance ourselves naturally through our healthy routines (our healthy habits). We do this through listening to and flowing with our true passions, gifts, and loves. It is balanced through the way we use our breath (pranayama). The way we let that breathe go into the world with our words and deeds. It is balanced through our heart beat, the waves of our thoughts, the dance of our body. It is the root of wellness that brings truth and order to our lives, which in turn brings us healing on all levels.

Ayurveda is one of the most beautiful gifts of self care and deep healing. Ayurveda can help us better tune into our body’s needs and help us to balance the root imbalances that make everything else harder. Ayurveda helps us to feel better and empowered by cultivating rhythmic habits in daily living that bring us into health and balance.

It also doesn’t have to be expensive. Sure, there are lovely supplements and body treatments that can be of support (especially in acute or chronic states of imbalance), but at its core, Ayurveda is awakening that innate wisdom (truth and order) within. It’s about learning and finding your unique balance so that your body can find its own healing.

At Trillium we try to make this accessible by offering monthly classes so that you can learn what works for you and begin to incorporate healthy rhythms and habits into your life at your own pace (we encourage Baby Steps and never a drastic overhaul). We offer blog posts that are packed with information. There are monthly BeeWell Gatherings for group support and consultations for individual support on your wellness journey. All of these are here to help you discover Rtu, truth and order and to help you find your ritucharya: the perfect free flowing rhythm of your life.

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