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Good Morning! I wanted to send out a quick note because there are some shifts and changes and additions to the month of October (and upcoming) that I wanted to be sure everyone knew about. Please read carefully, there are some No Live Yoga days this month and date changes.

BeeWell Gathering for October is TONIGHT at 6pm. It’s usually on the first Friday of each month. This is your place to truly be yourself, be supported, ask questions, answer questions, ponder, and just be with Good Company. Please RSVP soon to join.

There is NO Community Yoga at the North Orange Church/Meetinghouse on both October 5th and October 19th. If you like, you may reach out for the weekly recorded class to supplement and support your ongoing practice. You may also choose to join Marie or Ava for classes at the Trillium Studio. Marie teaches Cozy Yoga each Sunday at 6pm. Ava teaches Gentle Practice Yoga each Sunday at 9am (no Ava Yoga on the 2nd, due to YTT being in the studio at that time).

All Trillium Home Practice (via Zoom and Recording) will be live and recorded as usual this month. The benefits of Zoom and being at Home is that we can practice anywhere. We have this love/hate relationship with Zoom, but used wisely it has so much to offer us. Balance things well and meet them with Gratitude when you choose to use them.

Speaking of Zoom: the following are via Zoom to make them accessible and easeful as we head into fall and winter. They will be recorded for those who cannot make them live:

Ayurvedic Routines, the keystone of a balanced and well life, will be on October 15, 10-noon. You may still get the Foundations of Ayurveda recording if you missed September’s class and want to explore more. Ayurveda and Digestion on November 12th.

This is a must not miss class as well…actually, they all are!! They are so important that they are priced generously to support everyone’s wellness and to respect the rising costs of everything else these days. One of the really nice things about Ayurveda is you don’t need to spend a ton of money on supplements and treatments and herbs to bring yourself back to wellness…it’s all about your day to day choices and these classes really, really support that (BeeWell is also a really nice investment, especially if individual consultations of any kind are too dear at this time). Join a class to find out more and to ask questions!

The 2023 schedule for classes on specific disEase management through Ayurveda and Yoga will be posting soon (please take the above fall foundational classes first; we will be talking a lot about the tools from those classes, but will not take time to review the basics). Keep your eyes peeled on the blog for those dates to post. .

Part One (a three part series) of the Nourishing Breathing Practices (Yogic Pranayama) begins this month. These are the fall and winter practices and the practices fore ongoing wellness and the “first aid” practices for when you’re not feeling well. It includes the go-to practices to support many of our chronic illnesses. We’ll talk about the how’s and why’s and when’s as well as build a solid, supportive practice. Open to Everyone. (Spring Clearing Practices will arrive in March)

You can find out the more day-to-day, week-to-week, updates and information on the blog (www.Trillium Ayurveda.com). This is also where the next post on general tips for managing specific diseases will arrive on the 1st. Visit the Blog; it’s the first place things happen. Sign up for blog posts to come to your inbox to know what’s happening first! Also save the first Saturday in January for A Quiet Retreat Day; more information to come.

Don’t forget to order your limited edition Autumn’s Vata Deranged Trillium t-shirt by Sunday! There’s more information on the blog and if you don’t understand the t-shirt….reach out to watch the Foundations of Ayurveda recording!

That was much longer than intended, but now you know what’s going on! Thank you for reading to the end! As a last note, I am beginning to take clients on a more regular schedule again. Appointments do book up fast, but there are some appointments available in October and November. If you can’t find an appointment that works, please reach out for options or other available times.

Much Love. Stay warm, grounded, and full of Enthusiasm, Creativity, and Love.



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