NEW: Seasonal Shirts for Autumn (and Vata)

Limited time shirts for Autumn with a special print: Vata Deranged. A t-shirt for those days when we feel a little blown off course by the winds of Vata. Those days when we feel a little extra ‘specially scattered and ungrounded. When those days come, we might as well bring a sense of humor into the day and let everyone know we’re feeling a bit Vata Deranged. After all Laugher Always Lightens the Load.

These come in your usual much loved Trillium shirt styles (in unisex or women’s v-neck) in these fall colors only. These shirts are excellent for yoga, traveling, lounging, and more. Message (email or text) to order with a request for style (v-neck women’s or unisex), color (see image), and size! Please request first and second color/style choices: everything seems a little Vata Deranged these days and stocks everywhere are unstable and unreliable (including shirts); if we can’t get your first choice, hopefully a second choice will be available. Please Order this week. Deadline for these limited time shirts is October 2nd!! $28/shirt.

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4 thoughts on “NEW: Seasonal Shirts for Autumn (and Vata)

  1. Hahaha – maroon mist v-neck.  Xxl please. 2nd choice is the yellow.  Sums me up in a nutshell this year.  XOMelanie

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    1. You got it! I don’t believe you are alone. 🍂 is Sneaky.


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