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Question: If I have taken Ayurveda classes with Trillium before or in Trillium’s yoga teacher training, do I need to take the foundational classes before taking Ayurveda Intensives (Ayurveda & Hormones, Ayurveda & your Heart, Ayurveda & your Skin, Ayurveda & Women’s Health, Ayurveda & the Mind, etc.)?

Answer: No. While you may choose to take these classes as a refresher or to see what might be “new”, you do not have to take these classes to take our Ayurveda Intensives.

If you feel you already have sufficient knowledge in Ayurveda, you do not have to take these classes first. We do recommend that you take a class with Trillium if you have studied elsewhere to be sure you understand what we consider foundational material. We will not be covering the basics of Ayurveda, Routines, or Digestion in the Intensives, but they will be a part of the discussions. Please be sure you are familiar with these foundations. If in doubt, it never hurts to retake a class. There is always some new gleaning, a-ha, and integration of information.

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