Introduction to Ayurveda

September 24th from 10- noon (via Zoom*) Book Your Spot Here

This is the Foundational Class of Ayurveda. This class is for anyone who wants to learn to live more comfortably and well in this human body/mind. Ayurveda is the keystone for successful overall wellness and for understanding how our weaknesses and tendencies spill over to create imbalance and disEase (in body, mind, and heart).

It’s essential for all students and teachers of yoga, as a foundational practice to support the body in health for the practices of yoga.

The class provides information to begin to study and explore Ayurveda. Then we’ll put it to practical use for our own lives. We’ll use Ayurveda to begin to understand ourselves and each student will begin to create their own unique toolbox for balance and wellness that leads to true healing.

Come explore what Ayurveda is about, how it supports and sustains yoga, and how you can begin to bring a greater sense of balance to your body and mind.

This class (along with Ayurvedic Routines) are the foundations. We recommend that you take these classes before diving into classes that focus on specific imbalances and disEase.

*For now, these classes will take place on Zoom to make it more accessible and comfortable for everyone as we head into fall.

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