It’s time to order…

Autumn Ayurvedic Spice Kits.

Each Spice Kit is made to order for each season. They must be ordered by September 1st for our next season: Autumn. After we get our orders, we head to the kitchen and make up the Kits to have them ready for shipping or delivery in mid September!

Each kit contains an Autumn/Vata Seasonal Salt and an Autumn/Vata Seasonal Spice (these are ‘specially made and only available in Kits). Kits often include a “a little something extra” to enjoy. Each kit contains a little guidance for the season to support wellness and balance. For this Autumn (Vata) Kit, that means things to keep you nourished and stable in body and mind, while helping you fully enjoy the creative energy of Autumn!

Orders must be placed on or before SEPTEMBER 1 for an Autumn/Vata Spice Kit!!

Each Seasonal Spice Kit is made to order and ready for the Summer/Winter Solstice or the Autumn/Spring Equinox. They are still specially packaged for you to pick up (or you may choose to have them shipped if you are far away or just like to get exciting things in the mail-treat yourself, it’s ok). They must be ordered by the 1st day of the month of the new season! Don’t hesitate to order in advance for all the seasons. They also make a great, unique and specially made gift, for those hard-to-shop-for loves in your life.

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