Trillium At Home (Home Yoga Practice)

Upcoming Classes and Studies: Community Yoga (drop in) at the Meetinghouse (church) in North Orange on Wednesday at 6pm. Cozy Yoga with Marie on Sunday at 6pm (RSVP below). Home Yoga Practice records live on Mondays at 9:30 (the recording is available for the week). Pranayama (breathing) Practices for Autumn and Winter (the Nourishing Practices) begin in October.

In this morning’s Personal Practice (Trillium At Home: via Zoom and Recording), we mentioned the upcoming classes and studies for the fall. Then we moved into practice with a massage of our feet and talked about the importance of releasing accumulated heat in the feet and eyes to support a healthy transition into Vata Season. We talked about supporting the Skin (Vata) as we move into Fall and Winter and practiced poses that help us to Stand on our Own Two Feet and In our Own Skin. Trillium At Home happens live every Monday at 9:30am and includes the recording to be watched in your own time during the week (RSVP below under workshops).

Before class started, we had some wonderful conversations around wellness. Particularly why Covid hits some people harder than others. We’ll be sure to touch on this in our Intro to Ayurveda Class this September. And BeeWell Gatherings are always a good place to get Questions answered!

Ayurveda Classes coming this Autumn: Intro to Ayurveda takes place (via Zoom) on September 24th. Ayurvedic Routines on October 15th. Ayurveda and Digestion on November 12th. These are the foundational classes for upcoming inDepth classes.

Book Upcoming Classes Here. You will find RSVP classes under “workshops”.

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