There’s an oil for that.

It’s time for the seasonal shift and there’s an oil for that. We can already feel it. That shift from Summer to Autumn. Feel that wind? That’s Vata coming on the heels of that intense Pitta heat.

Summer’s heat has already begun to dry out our joints and tissues. Remember all that sweating earlier this month? That was our body being depleted of water. It’s also extra dry this year; for those of you in the north east. We’re beings of nature, so that means we are also a little more dry than usual this time of year. We’re headed into the natural dryness of Autumn.

In comes the winds of Vata, which is going to continue this drying process. That’s not good for the bones and joints and tissues. It’s also not great for our minds, but we won’t dive into that here! That’s a long story.

So, we need to get some good nourishment back into our bodies. That means oil from the inside out and the outside in. Vata body oils are deeply nourishing and warming. Sounds really lovely for our Vata types, but that might not yet be great for our more Pitta types that are still reeling from the intense Summer heat.

A favorite Pitta/Vata oil: Ksheera Bala. Ksheera means milk and Bala means strengthening. The milky quality of the oil is deeply nourishing, but also soothing and cooling for our pitta skin and body. Bala is strengthening for our tendency toward Vata depletion. It’s one of the best oils for this transitional time when we’re not quite still Summer, but not yet fully Autumn. Grab a bottle for your home self care or treat yourself to an Ayurvedic Body Treatment (ask for Ksheera Bala Oil).

If this personality type really resonates with you (Pitta-Vata), you’re also going to want to eat apples! Go apple picking as soon as possible. Eat those deeply nourishing, juicy, yet perfectly cooling fruits of the season. Ayurveda classes are back this fall! Scope out the schedule HERE.

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