MidSummer Check In

This morning’s Personal Practice (Trillium At Home: via Zoom and Recording) focused on the spine, breathing, and staying present in the body and breath. It also included a MidSummer Check In.

We tend to remember the Solstices (winter and summer) and the Equinoxes (autumn and spring), but we’re not so good at the midway points between. Like MidSummer. MidSummer is a good time to reflect on where you’ve been and where you’d like to go before summer is suddenly over and we feel like we “missed out”.

MidSummer is also a great time to remember that Autumn is Coming and if Autumn is a challenge season for you, it’s time to plan for self care practices to support the seasonal shifts. You can find out more about shifting with the routines of the seasons in the upcoming Ayurvedic Routines class coming this October!

If you missed this morning’s class and would like to practice with the recording, please reach out to order. Trillium At Home happens every Monday at 9:30am and includes the recording to be watched in your own time during the week.

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