Sweetness Spice

Ashwagandha “Latte” Cubes dusted with Sweetness Spice

By now, your Summer Spice Kit should be in your hands, or will be in your hands soon. You might be wondering what to do with your Sweetness Spice (that “Little Something Extra” included in your Kit). It’s a blend of Cinnamon, Ginger, and Cardamom, so please be mindful that you don’t overheat with that extra ginger kick (Summer Tips are posting on June 18th, in time for the Strawberry Moon and Solstice Fest).

This is a great spice for our Morning Breakfast Grains. A little spice to sweeten and kick up digestion as we start our day. Quinoa is a nice grain for a summer breakfast grain. This spice is also great in a Chia Pudding: you can find some great recipes on-line with or play with a base of chia seeds with milk (cow or nut) soaked overnight and go from there, adding a variety of ingredients to season and taste.

This spice is great for baking. I’m imagining Pancakes or Banana Nut Muffins. Yummy. Please feel free to share your baking ideas and recipes for Sweetness Spice in the comments!!

Sweetness Spice is great to top off and Ashwaganda Latte (Banyan Botanical has a nice blend and you can purchase below or in the Practice here). It’s also nice in coffee for those of you who are coffee drinkers. The spices also help to balance the intensity of coffee to your system and it tastes great. You saw those Cubes in the image…those are great to add to iced coffee. Yes, ice is not great, but sometimes we splurge for our treats. On that note, this is a nice spice to top off a good bowl of vanilla ice cream. I’m not suggesting that you partake of these things, but a treat is sometimes in order and these spices will help balance the cold qualities. Don’t partake of too much cold and ice, but as a treat: Balance.

Please feel free to share in the comments or with me other ideas you have for the spices!

Spices are inspired by Kate O’Donnell’s Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook.

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