Summer Spice Kits

ORDER HERE BY September 1st for Autumn Spice Kits.

Summer Spice Kits (AKA Pitta Kits) are ready!! Yay!! Yes, they’re early this season. If you haven’t picked yours up, they are here and waiting for you. If you wanted yours shipped, they have shipped and should be in your mailbox soon!! Squeeee. New Fun!

Over the next fews days and weeks, we’ll be talking about what’s in your Kit and what to do with your spices and salts (especially that Little Something Extra of Summer Sweetness). Please feel free to share what you’ve found to do with your Spices as you explore.

We’ll also talk about Summer Tips. Those will also be early this year to be in line with the Strawberry Moon Event; I’ll be teaching a class on Ayurveda there; RSVP soon).

Keep your eyes and ears peeled. If you’re not on the Blog Mailing List (see below to sign up), be sure to get yourself on the list: this is the first place to Be In The Know about what’s happening. Also the Tips on the Blog are going to be useful even if you didn’t order a Kit, so don’t just scroll past or delete.

If you missed out on this Season, don’t worry, there is Autumn and Winter and Spring to come. The plan is to have a few available at the Strawberry Moon Event on the 18th. If this happens, there will only a be a very few, and it will be first come and first served (no advanced orders, please).

It’s never to early to order for Autumn and Winter, order now, so you don’t miss out.

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