This month at Trillium:

There’s some extra special classes happening this month. First up: this Friday is our next BeeWell Gathering. In this time when we’re feeling a bit unsettled and uncertain and lost, join your Sangha (community of Good Company) to be well in heart and mind. Yoga isn’t just about the body and the postures. Join us to learn more and to “ask anything”. RSVP HERE.

This month on our yoga mat, we will be focused on the Qualities of Summertime and how to balance them in your yoga practice on and off the mat to stay cool, calm, and collected when things heat up!! Commit to your Home Yoga Practice each week live on Mondays at 9:30am (via Zoom) and/or enjoy the recording during the week. This is the perfect Yoga Practice as it’s designed to fit into your own time and place! I’ve come to love Home Yoga for teaching and for my own practice, especially when the weeks get a bit “messy” and full. Zoom and recorded yoga is an excellent way to commit to and maintain a consistent yoga practice in your life. RSVP HERE.

You are welcome to join us for in person Yoga at the Community Church on Wednesdays at 6pm. This is a drop in class with plenty of space.

Join me for a Mindful Outdoor Walk at Eagle Reserve in Royalston hosted by Mount Grace. June 12th at 4pm (rain date is the following Sunday). Register and find out more on the Mount Grace website: HERE.

Join us for the Strawberry Moon Yoga and Music Fest on June 18th at JenZen Living. Register and find out more: HERE.

Summer Body Treatments are here! Keep your eyes peeled & book soon with Jennifer: HERE. Teaser: Shirodhara is coming! Shirodhara is coming!

Summer Tips arrive on the Summer Solstice and if you haven’t ordered a Summer Spice Kit, today’s the day!!

SNEAK PEEK: Breath-work (Pranayama) is a keystone to a healthy heart and mind on all levels. Pranayama for Autumn and Winter returns this fall! Stay healthy, well, and manage stress with breathing practices for Autumn. The deeply Nourishing and Healing Practices!

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