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Remember the Blog is the Place to Be! It’s the place where new information comes out first. And there are new things a’coming. Don’t miss out on BeeWell Gatherings or Spring’s Walk, Restore, and Rest mini-retreats (only ONE more of these for 2022).

Yoga is absolutely vital for a balanced body and mind and heart/soul these days!!

BeeWell Gatherings are open to everyone who needs a little bit of life support…yep, let’s face it, that’s everybody. We gather on Zoom, so you can bring a mug of tea and wear your jammies if you like. These ebb and flow based on what comes up in the group, so they offer both individual and group support. Often what an individual is struggling with or questioning, others are struggling with or questioning too–Be Brave: ask your questions; it’s so very true: there are no stupid questions. These Gatherings are much much cheaper than therapy and in a lot of ways offer similar support*. $10 for each session, please RSVP using the link above.

Stay At Home Yoga (via Zoom or recording) is a lovely practice to commit to your Mat from home! This is a BEAUTIFUL way of cultivating your own personal practice while still have the Guidance of a Teacher (that’s me!!). As we talked about in this week’s Wednesday’s Good Company Yoga (in person at the Community Church/Meetinghouse), Zoom Yoga comes with its own challenging discipline practice and becomes a great exploration of the Triad of those last three Niyamas of Committing, Self Study, and Letting Go (If you missed the Yamas and Niyamas of 2022, they are available as recordings). RSVP using the link above, then the rest of the work is on me. You just have to show up to your mat each week!!

*as always, reach out to your primary care physician if you are in need of medical support.

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