Full Moon April

Elizabeth on Earth (you can purchase this beautiful photograph HERE).

It’s the Pink Moon (sometimes, the egg moon or the sprouting moon). It’s a moon for letting go and making wishes. It won’t actually be pink, it’s called the pink moon because it heralds the coming of the pink ground phlox.

Easy Salutation to the Moon (pause in anything that feels good or interesting, wiggle as desired, and add in anything that feels right):

Start standing. Reach for the sky and arch back like a crescent moon. Return the hands to rest cupped at the heart. Melt to a forward fold with the backs of the palms resting on the earth. Step back to lunge and wiggle and stretch and twisty your body–perhaps anchor one hand under the shoulder and reach the other arm for the moon above. Wiggle your fingers at the moon, wave.

Step back into a wiggly downward facing dog and glide forward to a plank, a wiggly cobra, and then melt your whole front body onto the earth with your hands reaching forward. Just rest on the earth. Completely.

Come back to a downward facing dog to a forward fold with the backs of the palms on the earth. Rise up to reach for the sky and arch back. Return the hands cupped at the heart.

(repeat on the other side)

At the end of however many rounds you choose, sit or stand with your hands rested cupped at your heart. We’re clinging deeply right now: things, ideas, emotions, and more. Allow yourself to hold those things in your cupped hands. Cupped hands allow things to come and go. No need to cling, just let them rest in your palms.

What can you let go of?

Let it go. (see photo above, it seems like we’re going to collapse and fall, but we’re going to fly…). Let it go.

See what’s left in your cupped hands. Is it the most important “stuff”? If not, let a few more things go. Letting go seems scary, you might fall, but you can get right back up (falling and getting up is how we grow and learn and become strong).

Let go. Don’t be dragged along by the emotional ties of others. Let it go.

Create space for the beautiful things in your life. The beautiful things before you. The beautiful things to come. There is no room for beauty if you are only holding on to the gunk.

Have happy pink moon dreams…plant some pink phlox…

Guided Full Moon Sequence (please warm up first or gently use the practice to warm up):

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