Why Abhyanga and Why Silence?

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Why In Quiet? Imagine for a moment that you are on a massage table and having your body treatment. Your body worker begins to chat with you about the state of the world and the political solutions to those troubles. Your body worker has completely opposing views to your own views…

That’s not going to be peaceful and healing.

Now, usually your body worker isn’t going to be discussing politics at the table, but every nugget of talk takes us outside of ourselves and into the outer world. On some level, there is a subtle disconnect from the body, heart, and mind with every word we speak and every moment of outward attention. We tune out. Instead of tuning in.

That’s one of the reasons why Abhyanga is done in quiet. It creates a cocoon of silence so that the body/mind/heart can unite and focus inward for true healing. The body focuses on the task at hand: soaking oil deeply into the tissues and rebalancing the rate and rhythm of movement in the body, mind, and heart. Shedding what needs to be shed. Nourishing what needs to be nourished. Self Love throughout all the layers of your being.

Self Love is best done with a focus on the self. Not in what’s happening in the world far and near or even in the stories shared in good company. Self love is about your Self. This is not to judge conversations between your massage therapist and you…silence is unique to the Ayurvedic Body Treatments because of the focus on subtle nourishment, which includes a cocoon of meditative, quiet space for the body to optimally soak in the nourishment of oil, healing, and love.

We spend much of our time focused on everyone else and everything else and all those very important, busy, busy things to be done that we rarely gift ourselves the gift of Quiet. Let your Abhyanga be that gift to your self.

This is also not to say that, as you practice silence in these treatments, that your body worker will ignore you, but she will gently encourage you back into quiet as appropriate for you.

It might be hard. We like to distract ourselves with words and chatter to keep ourselves from exploring the silent, scary places in our minds. We like to focus outward, especially when the inward story is worrisome or scary. We like to fill space with words and movement.

But let your Abhyanga be a place to tune in and bring presence to your self. To truly see yourself and what you truly need. To allow yourself to deeply heal. To even notice (with curiosity and not judgement) your inclination to fill the space with words and movement.

As a final note: don’t worries if you chatter your Abhyanga away. You’ll still benefit from the healing oil, the hands on touch, the redirection of the flow of energy, and the connection that comes with being in good company with your body worker. You can practice cultivating the quiet of the cocoon of stillness for deeper levels of healing at your next appointment. When you commit to this, the changes are truly profound.

Explore more about Abhyanga here and all the treatments here.

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